Sam and the Womp – Posh Ragga

Artist: Sam and the Womp
Title: Posh Ragga
Keywords: womping hopping bees brass rap

Everybody is overly excited in the main office of our reviewer’s headquarters. They are all running around, jumping up and down while surrounding a screen and speaker system … what’s all the buzz about? Why are they all going mental? I decided to go in and found the source for their wildly odd behavior; they just discovered the brand new music video of their favorite party band Sam and the Womp!

They pointed hysterically towards the screen: ‘see this’ they said.. ‘watch that’ they shouted. Others went berserk near the speakers, loudly making hand gestures to hear what they had been hearing. Some unpaid assistants had gone fully mental; flapping their arms as if they had wings while shaping their lips as if they had been tooting their own imaginary horns.

I came in as the guilty-for-creating-this-scene video was ending, but somehow a smarty pants in the office had managed to put it on repeat! Now I started to understand what the buzz was all about: bees! Really cool womping bees!

You see, there were all these bees flying around on the screen! Not just your average kind of bees…no! These bees could play trumpet, tuba, drums and even do the legendary Womp routine with gigantic Womp hands! I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears! What a sight and what a sound! Where did the production team behind this music video find these bees? Did they follow them? Did they do a casting?

It wasn’t long before the whole gathering of office workers started to rap and even attempted to sing. It was so contagious and fun that I had to join them & thanks to the appearance of the easy-to/follow lyrics bigly beamed on screen, I could easily join this joyful crew of mad people. “Posh Ragga, beat the swagger.. Paul on the Souza ready to blow the roof off..” that kinda thing! The real fun happened when a dancing caterpillar popped out of a basket & the whole floor copied its move like belly dancers on crack.

Of course there would be no more work done today, everyone was just in a obvious party mood, even the famously uptight co workers Jeremy & Jackson had all zoned out, wasting their time away by pretending to be professional karaoke players for the occasion. What a impact this ridiculous lyric video of Sam and the Womp had on our premises, we could not even review it.. but we certainly hope that our enthusiasm will slip through the gaps of the internet and reach you, just like those bees had reached us. Join this womping posh ragga frenzy by tuning in over here:

The Posh Ragga tune is taken from the upcoming Bee Sides EP, available from the 4th of May at all your favorite digital stores and possible bee hives! Quickly hop on and get that buzz going by preordering the single over here:
Or simply visit their brand new website to keep up to date & find out where they are playing this festival season! It’s gonna bee crazyyyyy!

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1 Response to Sam and the Womp – Posh Ragga

  1. Linda says:

    Unbeeleafable! I can’t get any work done anymore. I just have to stand up, shake my hips and mumble words that weren’t in my brain but match somehow a little with what I hear in my headphones. My colleagues stare in awe and disgust, slowly moving their heads to the assigned “first aid” colleagues. Mimicking “is she high on something?”, “does she need pills?”, “what should we do?”
    They don’t know it’s contagious. I need some real speakers. They need to mumble and crawls and shake hips, like bzzmee! Letzzz bzzparteyzzzeyzzzz!

    And thozzz Beezzz are flamtazzztic! Soon I’ll replace the cat staring at the flowers-still on my desktop. ❤ ❤ ❤ all love to the (party) animals and animal lovers on the other side of the little water!

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