Wizards Tell Lies – Bad Nature

Artist: Wizards Tell Lies
Title: Bad Nature
Keywords: experimental noise rock bad nature experimental ambient noise experimental music free jazz noise music noiserock space music wizards tells lies Florida
Label: Muteant Sounds

If audio freaks think of a fat compressed-to-the-limit sound, they might be instantly flapping their ears with respect towards the first track on this album. The drums that rule it are so fat and thick that you can feel them beating shockwaves through your stomach, even if you would play it on a low volume; there is simply no chance in hell to avoid that punchy sound. It starts off all a bit voluptuous, as if you are pushed in the cold chaotic business straight away, without giving you the chance to calmly dip your toes in and adapt to the new found audio temperature. Thanks to a simple upwards going synth line we can keep our marbles together by using it as the floor to walk on. Huge relief comes when it leads towards a more cleaner showcase of what that punchy drum could do when played in a tight and less chaotic way; hooray for that! Feeling wise I had none, just that it made me fall down on my knees to praise the fatness of it all. A odd begin that might either attract or distract a brand new listener. But let me tell you, if you aren’t here for that punchy sound and simply had come to hear some wicked music, you have to sit through a bit before it will reach the epic moments that are worth to write home about.

But first of all this album moves into a work called ‘Squirm’, one that satisfies the hope that the rest of the album would have that thick all absorbing sound. This time it’s a noisy rambling industrialists session, very raw and not suitable for OCD people that needs it all clean and tight. This music feels like a untamed Dinosaur that is fully improvised or simply sounds as if it is improvised. It’s very loud and intense in its raw form, but surprisingly it certainly doesn’t come across as threatening or dangerous. It just lays there like a dragon that is chained to the wall, one with enough moving space to wiggle its tail and puff out some cold fire.

The sound becomes a bit soupy when the next track ‘Candiru’ plays out and do its thing. A nasty sound that feels like it’s one of those fine tools that a dentist would use to drill tiny holes in your teeth also seemed to have joined the vermicelli soup of audio. It gives it some spice… It all boils a bit but doesn’t seem to get a real rememberable shape or form, I can’t find something to hold on or to be registered as something concrete, if anything it made me visualize the band playing in a room that they know almost too well. They feel a little bit like they have been confined for too long & might be advised to go out and sniff out the adventurous vibe from the outside world to add that bit of flavor. But don’t run out just yet, don’t switch it off as what follows will be so strong that it will make up for all the floating about..

This more intense and griping moment on this album is ‘Raven Not Crow Kaw’ which rolls against itself in darkly brewed fantastic ways. Sound wise it feels very full, with loopy highs and intense lows that create a huge atmospheric depth that is intense and extremely trippy. Add the fact that the bold drums responsible for beating out these bangs that go against and along the stream; and behold the music of a psychedelic psychonaut’s wet dream! This one is the one’ if you know what I mean: all potential of ‘Bad Nature’ falls in place, making the best effort to go fully in to the ‘music is a drug’ audio zone!

With ‘Cowbane Delirium’ the music seems to have fully fallen into place, keeping that level up of being as high as f*ck, even delivering a nasty breakdown with cruel synthetic exposure of synth, drum and a howling guitar before all coming together for the ultimate heavy slaughter of the breakdown. It’s one that is worked out and loaded, smashing it with a intense darkness that feels emotionally wrecking in all the right ways. It goes so beyond the wildest expectations that you will forgive other tracks for not being this ‘next level’ as it might be one of those slow one-time-only bangers in which everything works together to form epicness in a upwards downer way!

A short track titled ‘Ponies Bite’ has a terribly job to do; trying to be the overlapping bridge between epic awesomeness towards something else again. It doesn’t really live up to the bigness and intensiveness of the previously 2 killer pieces, making it a unloved filler that you want to invite over for a cup of tea and a comforting word of advice : it’s not you, it’s them! Sometimes David can’t stand a chance in beating Goliath…

The flames of sound are lid up again with a atmospheric work named ‘Shakma’. The power drums meet up with uprising strokes of intensity. It feels very dramatic, like a stoning of the mind; unforgivingly beating all to pulp to form a fuming left over cloud that feels slightly poisonous, but doesn’t get to the point that it is damaging our health. Although ‘Brain Fungus Takeover’ might suggest otherwise! This is the last track on the album, putting up the pressure to create a fired up long lasting expression that doesn’t fall flat on its own face. Armed with a growling energy the instruments come together for a rising density that seems to bring out the warrior sound. With a brilliant take on the art of taking it all out to give space for a intense build up in the middle of it all, the music feels like a hand around the throat, a offer you can’t refuse and a reason to shit yourself a little. Not that you need a reason to do so, but at least it gives a person a great excuse; it was the bad nature of the music! Go and check it out with your own ears and unsalted opinions over here:

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