Equalizer 24K – Lost and Found compilation

Artist: Equalizer 24K
Title: Lost and Found compilation
Keywords: melbourne punk beats crunchy record label vacant valley Melbourne
Label: Vacant Valley

It’s Party time over here! You either remove the furniture or trash it into pieces, but whatever you choose; you will need some space to go into a full frenzy mood. As when this illustrious album brought by record label ‘Vacant Valley’ starts to immediately kick your ass, you could expect a serious mental attack on the dance-muscles! The music is loud, full nasty energy, stabbing at the ears like a punk attitude that will never die! Everything will go to shit, including your calm attitude that you had so proudly achieved by following your yoga and meditation trends. All goes out of the window, insanity will strike back and roar around like a super dose of caffeine that is uncontainable and festive! You will feel young and vibrant & obtain that untouchable vibrant attitude once back again!

‘Hey hey hey’ is the new ‘oy oy oy’, banging your head into psychedelic pieces, spitting in your own hair through miraculous ways in order to make the Mohawk that you had always wanted! This music possesses you and gives you back youth in the simple exchange for your opening your ears and throw it in at a loud volume. Bashing beats, voluminous mental instant insane energy, strong synth riffs all working together to kick your health into a vibrant pulp, making you feel like a young puppy dog again! The immortality vibe is extremely high and engaging over here!

The energy is not nerve wrecking, it’s a superb boost to forget the do-as-your-told attitude, pick up the electric guitar and juggle with it like a weapon, tap dance like you are on fire and run up the walls like a super ant that had abandoned ship and decided to go it’s own way! Everything is a feast, one that makes you burst like a volcano! Thanks to this music you become the firework!

Let this lost and found collection be the trigger to find yourself back again, the young healthy (and unhealthy?) You that chose to go partying above sitting at the window watching paint dry. This music is the cure, the boost to get your life back on the off track! The one that makes you feel like you can do anything and everything! A burst of youth and attitude! Fill yourself up with this electric punk vibe and soon you could go on dancing forever and ever!

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