David Woodgett – CHANGING DICE E​.​P.

Artist: David Woodgett
Keywords: alternative acoustic blues rock rock Douglas
Record label: Small Bear Records

Out of my head and down into the music; that’s how I went in the stream of this EP hailing from the one and only Small Bear Records. A rigid guitar drum and nicely rambling bass welcomed me. Everything sounded nice and rough, with a sound that cleared my sinuses with ease and made the micro hairs based in my ears wiggle with pleasure. A raw voice with male stamina rocked the boat of music, giving it the glance of Nirvana and a touch of gin. I enjoy how dirty the singer sounds over here, it gives that extra roughness to the overall product. It makes me want to grind my teeth for more, but luckily there is more than one tune of this kind available on this EP.

The next track for example rumbles and shakes in the same hemispheres. The voice is smooth as a rasped raspberry gritted by a cheese grater. It makes me want to rock out by opening doors and trying to order baby whales online. If that doesn’t make sense, it’s because I’m still out of my head when penning up this walkthrough piece of music writing.

The last track swings more in relaxed vibrations. Drumming and guitar playing, together for a nice groove that embraces the vocalist once again. It has a really nice rhythm, easily to hop along when being crazily intoxicated. I think even dancing would be possible. The voice could be best described here as a sinful slime that waves itself on top and through the music; a well working trick to make two become as one. I picked up my air guitar and sang away in my imaginary microphone and pretended to make this tune as a one man band! I certainly had some good times!

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1 Response to David Woodgett – CHANGING DICE E​.​P.

  1. Linda says:

    Very comfy for the ears, a little short perhaps 🙂

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