Project Intonarumori – Exhibit A

Artist: Project Intonarumori
Title: Exhibit A
Keywords: experimental cats corpus kieff noise oegsgeest panther coat velvet Leiden
Label: Smikkelbaard

Hello again! Welcome back to the crazy place for mad people who do actually listen to music & do the silly act of reporting on it. What silliness! A labor of mad people – music makers, writers and actual readers and listeners forming some kind of odd pact over here; embrace that lunacy and you be in for some good old self love. Anyway, welcome! Hope you are well! Today within this post we dip our ears into one of the Smikkelbaard releases that had been given me seducing looks each time it passed by. Lifting up a bit of ankle flesh and waving to me like a smart hitchhiker ready to blow a horn for a free ride. If that sounds vague, wait till you hear the actual music! But before doing so, let’s read along this report to chew the release out for you; soiling you with spoilers!

Yep, it all starts very vaguely with the openings track named ‘Roars’ which seems to resemble something along the line of music. It rumbles a bit and slightly hangs against the avant-garde like a thin veil that reveals nothing. Somehow it works fine as a opener, getting the attention by exposing us to a cloud of incoherent sound that will easily form the magical smoke screen that the next track will appear from. It’s in that sense just the right effect for a magic trick! A rabbit being pulled out of a hat, but without the rabbit or the hat.

This next track seem to resemble music, and it’s the kind that you won’t hear everyday (until now, maybe?). It is made by a collaborative team effort of hissing and whistling. Because it being so visual, I imagine the music project having brushed its teeth till the very maximum, as otherwise this hissing and whistling (so close towards our faces) might be a bit smelly for our music loving noses. Oh the silliness of Smikkelbaard, embracing this oddity with their hearts and putting it out there for the world to see and hear. You got to respect that!

More abracadabra tricks comes with the tune named ”whispers”, it feels as if we here hear the kind of music hailing from our long term favorite Casio goth doom-metal artist named ‘grey pale sinister’. But without all the mental grunts and speedy drum-rolls and satanic vibes the ‘whispers’ feel slightly less intense and insane. The borderline between ‘this music’ being made by intellectuals that are serious, or a project by jokers that are taking the piss while being highly intoxicated is ridiculously close. So much so that I can’t hear if humor came first or that it was a bit like that movie ‘the room’, in which it was meant to be serious, but now is claimed by the unique creator that it was meant to be a comedy. It doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s entertaining! That said; Watching paint dry can be entertainment too.

But the next one titled ‘screeching’ doesn’t sound like a funny piece or a work that supposed to be a laughing matter. It’s more the kind of experiment that speaks open minded improvisation & a post traumatic experimental ballet show. I imagine dancers in tutus tip toeing bizarrely while wearing the kind of ear protection that you will find on a builder’s site. Once you have established this alternative ballet show in your head, it will probably stay there for a bit. But maybe the drums that sounds like they have been provided by hitting some random kitchen pots and pans within ‘skins’ and the flutist fluting away like a fakir blowing it’s pipe to make a fake snake belly dance, has enough power to change the musical visualization?

All the way at the end this oddball brings us some ‘human noises’, which feels like a short synopsis for aliens to sample before returning their space ships quickly back to whatever lightyear they had came from. A bit of toothbrushing a snippet of monkey behavior and all intelligence goes out of the window. I’m not sure about all this, is this a stab to experimental free based avant-garde improvisation music that takes itself very seriously? Or is this experimental free based avant-garde improvisation music that is actually taking itself very seriously? Apparently the Smikkelbaard found it worth the existence so there must be something to it! I imagine them somewhere laughing their asses out, ‘let’s release this to the world’ and see how hopelessly confused and dazed about it the ones who find it will get… in any case, if you want to hear it you could follow the link over here:

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