{AN} Eel & Yaka-anima – Alien Neighbors (EP)

Artists: {AN} Eel & Yaka-anima
Title: Alien Neighbors (EP)
Keywords: experimental u.f.o aliens computer noise computer voice dark ambient dark electronic electronic extraterrestrial glitch minimal noise musique concrete noise sound collageRancagua
Label: Cian Orbe netlabel https://humanfobia.jimdo.com/cian-orbe-netlabel/

I’ve won a free ticket to a outside cinema thanks to a etiquette on a bottle of wine. No rain waited to fall on my head and all looked fine and I was ready to go, but nope.. a UFO dropped down just when I was going out to claim my prize. The door clapped open, a bunch of weird looking aliens popped out and smothered me with a gooey substance. I might have been a surprised recipient of a alien bukkake, but I hope it was a bit more innocent, just to reduce the risk of a mental trauma.

I laid there in the front garden, unable to move in this odd pudding-like substance. The aliens somehow greeted the pesticides as if they had been long lost relatives from a different planet. They all started to nibble the layers that I was covered in, while also digging up and ruining the beautiful flower patches that one of my friends had previously planted. I do not know these creatures and their customs or why they ruined my cinematic experience by glueing me to the floor with their alien semen.

But suddenly things made sense! They had mistakingly landed at the wrong house! They clearly had come for my reptilian neighbors as they came out as for a official meet and greet with these alien ‘friends’. Somehow their meet up turned from friendly into some kind of a argument that the aliens seemed to win by applying the shootable insides of a shotgun into my reptilian neighbor’s flesh. I looked and witnessed it all in this subdued state; it was good knowing you lizards!

One of the aliens came out of my house with a big pan.. suddenly I remembered; it was a pan full of yesteryear’s soup. I had saved it for later, vermicelli soup with balls. But nope, the pan’s content got emptied when these odd looking aliens stuck their tentacles in and sucked it all up until it was all dry. I felt helpless and relieved; finally my creepy neighbors had been no more & also my potential inducer of food poisoning – my soup, had been taken away from me! Besides it could have been me in the menu! I was very pleased with the alien’s choices of sensibility.

But it wasn’t all rosemary and good luck with the UFO encounter. These aliens had gone grey and had turned onto my loving pet cat. I was still powerless, reduced to a little paralyzed squirm in their alien sperm.. it was here that the situation became a bit traumatic as these odd looking creatures took my cat by seducing it into their space ship & went up without freeing me or even saying goodbye. Eventually I managed to escape the goofy situation, but with reptilian neighbors bleeding from their bullet holes, my beloved cat abducted into space and my free chance to go to the cinema gone – forever… I didn’t expected anything like this to happen, but there you have it; you just never know when or when aliens come over to screw up your plans.

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