FezayaFira – admin

Artist: FezayaFira
Title: admin
Keywords: experimental, ambient , drone, noise
Label: Attenuation Circuit

With a stellar touch of warmth this psychological work of art reveals itself as a druggy robot whose presence might seduce you by surprises. It’s the admin and it’s appearance comes out the more you dive deeper in the aura of this alternative sedating being. With vibrant sounds that are of unclassified matter, it simply knows how to impress without applying a whole load of makeup. That’s not what your average admin’s are known for, so please be aware that this is the oracle among them.

It’s oiled rusty skin is alive and staring at you through hypnotic ways. You can feel it being very intense and alive, making the miracle of seeing and touching actual sounds of this special admin into a reality. These shapes and sizes dance stiffly in front of your ears, forming some kind of dream that surpasses not only preconceived ideas of a admin, but also the established ideas between ambient, noise, drone and science fiction.

This intriguing character keeps every encountering listener into its stare, capturing it with its quality break through originalities that suck you in by it’s interesting sounds and rhythmic administrative alienation. These are vague words perhaps, but oh so fitting when experiencing this fascinating encounter of admin’s audio fantasies. Too bad it won’t last long, but thanks to cheekily inserted text (probably left by the label’s admin) the release points out that there are more meet-ups of this kind to be found on Attenustion Circuit… be sure to meet this admin first!

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