Interview with Grol the Goblin

Hello, I’m delighted to be back with another interview! I don’t know about you but I often spend my time on the internet searching out new and exciting music and some times I hit gold and discover a whole musical genre that seems to be consistently excellent. This is certainly the case with Dungeon Synth, a genre that draws inspiration from the medieval and fantasy realm. If like me you have a love for old RPG soundtracks you will find much to love here, although there is far more too it than that. As you may have guessed by now, I’m certainly no expert, so I suggest you dig in at the very knowledgeable facebook group here and have a listen to the bandcamp selections here and here. One act that has really stood out for me is the wonderful and prolific Grol the Goblin, who’s unique take on the Dungeon Synth sound has resulted in an entirely new subgenre of Goblin Synth. Wonderfully charming in both sound and artwork, I decided to make contact with him in the goblin pits to find out a little more…….

28872778_333171693859138_3607814312881134658_nHello Grol, how are you?

Hello there, I’m just fine thank you!

Excellent. I am very excited to talk to a real life Goblin

I’m very excited to talk to humans as well

So if it’s not too personal, what are your living arrangements like? DO you have a nice cave?

I live in a standard mud hut down here in the Goblin Pits, Nothing too fancy, but I am thinking about relocating maybe to a nice cave or a proper wooden hut!

Excellent. So I’m always excited to hear new musical genres, and Goblin Synth is a wonderful discovery, are you a scene of one?

Well, Goblin Synth is a very recent genre with very few artists. So in the human world as of now I am the scene it seems, but I hope the genre will expand over time.

26841459_311360312706943_6614079031021627824_oLet’s hope so. Are there any artists that have influenced or inspired you?

Well of course. I am inspired by many lo fi DS acts such as Ranseur, Erdig, Chaucerian Myth., Basic Dungeon and so on. Also traditional goblin folk music has been an influence, and my time playing traditional goblin folk has definitely had a influence on my style. Other than that I take inspiration where I can find it. If I hear an element that I enjoy, then I often try to incorporate that into my music.

How does a Goblin go about creating music, do you have power down there?

We do have power that we steal from a powerline on the surface. So we use human made recording equipment and instruments. Nothing too fancy, only what we get when raiding trade caravans passing through. The music itself is made as naturalistic as possible. We goblins like to put little thought and alot of heart into our compositions!

I have noticed that you music sounds very organic and natural, and you are amazingly quick at releasing albums, do you usually improvise a lot?

Improvisation is an important part of all goblin music. For a goblin to remember compositions, especially after a couple of brews, is simply asking too much. That’s why a simple bassline, spiced with some riffs and an improvised melody is the perfect build up for Goblin Synth. Though I normally only improvise the melodies, sometimes you can get some great goblin emotions by improvising an entire track. This doesn’t always work, so one often have to scrap the entire track, but it can work and when it does it can be beautiful!

Sounds wonderful, I must try some Goblin Brew for some inspiration soon!

I love your artwork, for me it fits perfectly and really adds a lot of charm

I didn’t know Goblins could draw so well

Goblin brew is easy to make. We take all the alcoholic beverage that we’ve been able to raid and put it all in a giant barrel for consumption. And I thank you for that! I’ve not the best goblin visual artist out there, but my work is indeed getting recognized both in a positive and negative manner. Though I think I’ve been successful in capturing the likeness and charm of the goblin something I also try to reflect with my music!

I think it fits perfectly, in fact, it is what first got me interested in your work

So you have started your own label, Goblinoid Records, what are you currently doing with this and what are your future plans?

I’m releasing tapes! I wanted to create a label that could be the home of goblin synth, so my goal is to release tapes by all goblin synth artists willing, to expand and promote our niche subgenre!


I can’t wait! So if people want to find out more, buy your stuff etc, where is the best place for them to go on the overground internets

I have a compilation tape for sale through Ancient Meadow Records, and they will also release my latest masterpiece Return to the Dungeon. I do however also sell tapes printed by Goblinoid Records on bandcamp, and we also have a spreadshirt if people want some other merch. If you want to just find out more and listen to my music then I have my own bandcamp where all my music is available for free, and I am also on facebook!

Well, Grol, it has been an honor and a delight to talk to you, and your music is truly wonderful. Is there anything else you’d like to add or share?

I’d like to thank anyone and eveyone supporting this project! You are truly the driving force of my art. It has been delightful talking to you as well, and I hope to deliver more wonderful music within the next few months!

I hope so! Thank you so much Mr Grol, take care!

You as well Mr Boosey!

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2 Responses to Interview with Grol the Goblin

  1. Linda says:

    I have been going down the newest dungeon a few times now and I must say, I sure love the Goblin cave sound! ❤

  2. Thanks so much for this! I followed Grol the Goblin and look forward to more. Amazing work!

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