Threes And Will – Teemanttee

Artist: Threes And Will
Title: Teemanttee
Keywords: rock doom drone drone-rock experimental industrial kraut lo-fi martial minimalist minimalist noise rock no wave no-fi noise noise rock psychedelic rock Estonia

Oh yes! Let’s start all positive and vibrant before turning into slimy Doom-rock snails. We can do that by listening to the music track named ‘hundiseaduse aegu’ which is the one that makes me want to jump rope. Not the kind of jumping rope with a noose around the neck, but you know the more playful version. It also leans and incites to other lively games, like hoping around on one feet and beer can juggling. There is simply something to this material that feels like a dance, a old youthful recovery of the impulse to go and wiggle around the maple trees. It’s odd perhaps, but that’s what it sounds like; a loopy guitar fun of rawness that gets you up and off your lazy chairs for a playful moment of authentic freedom celebration.

After the bulge of action this release goes to a more dragging slur of a sensation. Music that feels like it had been taking a unrecommended amount of ketamine, forcibly tranquilizing time and space for a nonstop slow motion scene in which we still want to play, but do it all in a subdued way. The guitar slams like it had been stuck in some kind of thick pudding and the drum sticks are slapping this substantial substance as if it’s a enlarged pair of butt cheeks.

This is an outrage’ is what follows after these two, it’s a track that feels like it is made for mad people that enjoy dancing around a fire and ritually jumping in it for a risky sensation around the leg and crotch area. The music goes around in circular motives, sounds raw like the flames and wood interaction. There is also a voice that comes across like a toothless preacher of Dadaist nonsense, one who had been freaking out on either too much, or too little medications. There are some prominent crashes here, giving it the rhythm to do a silly move on. You must enjoy the action as from here it all goes ultimately down as if we have no legs but only a slimy body and a low responsive rate.

Yes, What follows is indeed a case of another slow procession of a track. I won’t type (or copy) the title of it, cause well, what’s the point? But the true point is that the music over here is making me think of humans doing impressions of snails while dressed up in mad max gear. They must be probably on some kind of lucid material, making them all trip out to feel closer to the attitude of a futuristic vegetable, more than the average human being. If I close my eyes while it is playing, I go even deeper into it & imagine a step foot paced school bus honking it’s horn while slowly but surely approaching this group of snail impersonators. Bizarre, but true.

There is more to be heard as after track number four there is miraculously a number five. This is also a slow paced one, as if the snails have managed to escape the upcoming crash with the school bus and are now making a miraculously slow escape towards the nearest side walk. To celebrate the safety of these human creepy crawlers the album also contains a actual bonus track. One that leans for a slow-motion victory dance in which snail and human can try to line up in order to do a wave of togetherness, one that those audiences in sport stadiums do but than at a much more druggy subdued kind of way.
So yes, with the exception of the jumping rope moment at the start, this album seems to go easily down the slippery slopes of dragging us down in slow motion noisy doom rock where we can hang out with snail like attitudes and attire. If that’s what you are into, please feel free to join the session:

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One Response to Threes And Will – Teemanttee

  1. Linda says:

    That hundiseaduse aegu is indeed a happy earworm 😀 It’s like the needle is hanging on the opening riff of a good stoner rock song 8D

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