Liftmuziek – One-Man Party

Artist: Liftmuziek
Title: One-Man Party
Keywords: alternative, ambient, Netherlands

Ring ring goes the telephone.


Voice on phone: hi. Is this YIKIS?

Yep, that’s us.

Voice on phone: I need your help.

I’m listening… ghosts? Blocked toilet? What’s the problem?

Voice on phone: aren’t you specialists in music recommendations?

I wouldn’t call it music, but if that’s the word on the street; yes, why not? What can I Or the team do for you?

Voice on phone: well, I’m in need for music.

Aren’t we all.

Voice on phone: yes, but I need something quirky, happy and joyful. It’s for the elevator you see?

Elevator? No, I do not actually see one.. I’m just here in this blank room with a desk and a old fashioned telephone..

Voice on phone: ah, no.. I mean, music for my elevator.

Do they have ears?

Voice on phone: not that I’m aware..

So why you need music for your elevator ? Doesn’t seem to make much sense to me.

Voice on phone: it’s for the people..

Which people?

Voice on phone: people that take the elevator.

You mean multiple thieves need music to steal your elevator? We got break beats that will make them look cool…

Voice on phone: no, it is just… music for in the elevator while it transport people from floor to floor.

Ah, nice.

Voice on phone: I used to have music in my elevator, but people complained as it is too dated and boring. They want something modern, fun, nice and happy. Good music, actually.

Ah, yes. Well you are in luck! I got exactly what you need!

Voice on phone: really?

Of course! Check this out and don’t tell me
That it isn’t perfect for happy elevator times:

Voice on phone: thank you!

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3 Responses to Liftmuziek – One-Man Party

  1. Linda says:

    The cover artwork reminds me of a game I recently played 😀 Which is just as nice and relaxing as the elevator party music. I’ll look it up later and share it here.

    • Linda says:

      I do not want to leave the elevator, am back now again riding up and down the 1st till the 5th floor and back (different album). Dutch elevators are way too small for this music. We need more skyscrapers! I want an album going to the 157th floor!

    • Linda says:

      Found it!

      It’s inspired by a game called ‘Monument Valley’, but this one is free and also beautifully made ❤ The artwork in several levels look a bit like the album artwork I think 😀

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