Nicky J Cook – just using italics makes nothing less complex


artist: Nicky J Cook
title: just using italics makes nothing less complex
tags: alternative, experimental, breakcore, electronic, pop, Nashville
label: Sticker Gitters Recordings

I’m feeling pretty tired so I won’t be posting even lazily assembled time stamps and such. So there. Take that. Maybe. I don’t know.

I was perusing the ol Sticker Gitters bandcamp, for the one that runs it and I converse somewhat regularly. And I happened upon this gem.

We start off with some (I forget to use my second monitor when doing this most of the time, despite the many conveniences it brings), harmonica and lackadaisical guitar. Warm and soft and welcoming. It feels comfortable. It puts my heart at ease, even if it’s for a moment. Easy to imagine yourself in far gone places, living lives we were never meant to live. Feels like it’s really hot outside but it’s a tolerable hot and people are just laying about, waitin for the cool to come on.

Then it gets into a somber tone. One of some reflection of some sort, the type of melancholic beauty I am drawn to no matter the time, no matter what I’m doing, no matter the place. Takes over my mood and makes me feel strangely wonderful. A restless and incessant and transcendent nagging carrying me into the night. As it were.

Hypnotic, I would describe this as. Very rough. Unfinished is what one might call it but therein lies it’s charm. Simplistic pluckerings into potent moods and atmospheres. It puts my mind into a trance and I can’t help but sink further and further into it.

Whoa. Low. Deep. Vibrations crawlin up and down my skin. This one feels heavier than the rest. Not sure why, it just does. So familiar feeling. Again, I don’t know why but it’s strange, in good and bad ways. Makes me wonder about the person behind the music. Occasionally I get like this and want to know what makes said person tick but alas it is one of those fever dreams that more than likely won’t manifest into reality, at least not in the way dreamland makes it seem like it would be.

Once again the end is nigh even though I don’t want this to end. I think I hear some birds in the background.



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