NQR – The Garden

Artist: NQR
Title: The Garden
Keywords: anti-garden music
Label: kasumuen records

Well okay dear people, I’ve had a strange thing going on over here. Something weird had happened, bizarre enough to tell you about it over here on this music orientated blog called ‘yeah I know it sucks’, cause what happened had to do with music & it was kind of sucky! Let me explain: yesterday, all was fine and well. There was sunshine and a blue sky, & I had the opportunity to sit delighted with my behind in the lovely garden. A gardener had cleaned it up not long ago & the place looked truly wonderful. The grass looked fresh from the recent haircut and all the weeds that had overgrown the place had been shoveled into a bin bag. The left over flowers had been given new dirt and the entire garden simply looked like a thriving heaven on earth. Doesn’t it look pretty?

Yesterday I laid in the grass, enjoyed the view of houseless naked snails, a few bees, a chilled out cat & the wonders of planted nature. Today all looked fine and similar, inviting my body and mind to go out and sit on the grass for a nice sniff of a lovely garden. As you might know, one of my maniacal hobbies is to listen to ‘music’ and write about it over here on this digital abode. So I decided to do it this time in the thriving garden & checked the mail to find something to check out in the relaxed surroundings of yet another sunny day.

Apparently faith brought me to a brand new video by NQR. I haven’t had heard about this band before & it was no surprise as it was apparently their debut.. my ears had immediately been interested; it’s always cool to hear debuts, they thought. The informing email that had mentioned NQR was chatting about a upcoming six track release, but also about a viewable & bearable music video launching NQR on the music scene. It said that it was made by a certain Kat Amiss that was trying to capture a certain swampy darkness of the tune in question…

All was fine and well; I was interested and curious enough to oblige the urge to view this music video and get to know NQR.. so I sat there in the garden and viewed & heard ‘The Garden’, as believe it or not; coincidence had got me again! I was sitting in the flourishing garden & the song was also called ‘the garden’. I kid you not! But here came the unexpected plot twist.. while the music video played and I stared and listened at it with my head in the garden… the thriving flowers started to instantly bow their heads, lose their fierceness, fades their colors and clearly started to die off… the grass that was cute and green transformed into yellow, looked lifeless and poisoned. Even the plants became brown and grayish, bowing their leaves like sad little broken twigs. Of course I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked up from my portable viewing device, I was in shock; the beautiful garden had died; instantly. Look at this recent picture… disastrous:

Now I can’t proof it was thanks to the music of NQR, but how else could this be explained? So I warn you, don’t share NQR with your garden as the result might be devastating. It’s good music though, but yeah; pretty deadly for gardens apparently.


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