Owlbites – Live . Bites ^ ^ / / . .

Artist: Owlbites
Title: Live . Bites ^ ^ / / . .
Keywords: experimental avant-garde experiemental free improvisation modern classic noise Utrecht
Label: Faux Amis

Owlbites give you a reason to let yourself go by sucking you up in a journey of sound and music. Some kind of guru had been brought in to get the job done, ready to gain your trust and swiftly sucking you in a trance. He is smoothly talking you into this psychedelic state in which thoughts are oblivious and your mind will eat anything that these Owlbites will serve you. I understand that this takes a lot of trust and faith from the listener, but I can assure you that the Owlbites and their hypnotizing blend of music mean absolutely no harm… nah, not true! They are out to take your mind, squeeze it like a sponge, empty all that had been inside and fill it up with whatever the Owlbites had in mind for your mind.

Let yourself go and swim in their presented shapes and forms, a naked warm psychological wonderland of repetition that feels all cozy and fluffy at first sight, but comes easily with the additional heaviness to keep even the most tripped out person firmly at ease with earth’s gravity. Once you manage to really let yourself go, you might slip out of your shoes for a moment of a light flight. But don’t worry the Owlbites don’t let you fly away in this vulnerable hypnotized state of mind; it will keep you close for a research on your psychological state and physical body reactions. Burning you up from the inside out like heavy doctors and mad scientists that give more about the actual science than the ones sacrificed for its needs. That will be you (if you decide to listen to this release) and their beloved fans in this case…

But even these dark moments in which the Owlbites take over your system, exposing your inner core with heavier soundbites that sonically are out to fulfill a act of pure lobotomy on you; it feels all like a dream that is harmless and inescapable. Maybe a nightmare; but when you are tranquilized in such a successful way; even nightmarish acts will become lighthearted elements of pleasure. Maybe you won’t even know or realize what is happening when it happens; you probably won’t even notice the Owlbites chopping into the listener’s exposed trust and attempting to reprogram its audiences through sounds and cozy sounding brain-sex. But trust me, they do. Look at me know? I’m so brainwashed that I now start to recruit new brains for their audio experiment; will you be one of the new research subjects of these Owlbites? If so, don’t hesitate to expose your self and click on the following brain session of a link:

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