DNMF – Smelter

Artists: DNMF
Title: Smelter
Keywords: dnmf dark ambient drone experimental machinefabriek grindcore instrumental jazz noise Nijmegen

This brand new devilish adventure in the audio scene is generated and created by the colorful combo of the Dead Neanderthals and Machinefabriek. Both of them folded their fists together for a case of massively heavy music. They wasted no time to throw it at your shoulders, pushing you down as if you are carrying many loads of weights on them, making sure that you will stay grounded & never lift yourself up into the air. There is no escape or way to run away. With extreme tension they move its thick slowness of evil on to you, armed with thick drums and synthetic buzz that surprisingly forms a unexpected melody that might, or might not, generate a little tear out of your eyeball.

The thickness is like a dance with the devil, one that holds its legendary contract to your face and oblige you to sign it. With lead in your feet generated by this heavy load of music, there is simply no way of escape; it’s like feeling frozen while standing half in the flames of hell. The emotional touch in the thickness of this Melody might help you to melt the atmosphere, making the horned one into a symphonic sympathizer that just wants your soul in order to save you from your earthly desires. Once you buy into this delusion and snuggle up with this monstrous sound you will notice the chance in circumstances…

Half way the monster within this music simply comes out in its gentlest form, gives you a embracing hug that is warm, beastly and convincingly dangerous at the same time. You can feel the fallen angel’s sincerity as it breaths in your neck. The dense tension is killer, as the music moves so slow that it feels like a threat. A certain realization that we have just embraced and hugged the devil & that from now on our little lives will never be the same as before!

There we go; the music takes us by the hairs. As if it’s the horned one itself pulling us into the ground. Everywhere around us are lost souls dancing in the decorative fires, all the darkness of having pain forever is painted on the walls that this creature is dragging us through. In the end the journey stops when reaching the private headquarters of this hot headed creature, taking our soul into its bedroom for a long steaming session of lifelong naughtiness. This is where this advanced adventure ends even though it probably will go on in different realms for a very long, long time; probably eternity!

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