Nightjar – Canter

Artist: Nightjar
Title: Canter
Keywords: experimental ambient experimental folk indie folk shoegaze Hendersonville

I was joking not long ago with one of the collaborationists over here about those dada talk poetic mesmerizing music pieces. This turned into hilarious parodies that went into such ways that when hearing anything serious of this kind feels a bit like sobering up in a weird wicked way; shall I go on and being all jokey and slapstick about it, or do I have to put on a serious face and treat it like something that doesn’t trigger my smile the slightest bit.. pff, I don’t know. It’s hard to hear something that feels like it is done in a serious way but feels so very close to the jokey parodying from a few days ago; material that made my stomach crumble up in pain from pure laughter and hilariousness. But yes, music & poetry, spoken word etc; it’s a serious business and many have obviously dragged their hearts into it. No need to become a laughing hyena about it, as it’s never right to laugh at things that you don’t understand as who knows maybe it’s just pure genius. I bet people where laughing at Einstein as well and didn’t that weird hairdo fellow invented the core of a atomic bomb? Another reason to be careful and not to become too easily trapped into the corners of hilarity. But yes, this release starts with something that could be pulled out of the hat, a case of spoken word with a minimal background of guitar music. You can hear a crackle in the artist’s voice as she speaks, revealing a pure emotional sense in her words and sentences, yet I can’t really take it seriously because of the mentioned stoney Maloney laughing stock session. I’ll do my best though, but you know, just like the artist; I’m also just a human with emotion and a case of flawed humor.

Anyway the release goes on with something that did trigger my ears and mind into taking it in its seriousness. This occurred with the second song on the release which was kindly named ‘thanks for coming’. A nice generous title and also fitting with the actual music. Here the artist played the guitar in more minimalistic ways, but it seemed to flow more in determination. Also the voice now had refrained from the spoken word spectrum of the arts and began more to perform in a tonal singing fashion. It felt so much better to me, a caring sound that came together for a good warm welcoming feel and vibe, something that really fitted the early morning sound of a rising sun and some cheery chirping birds in the backyard of our reviewer’s office. This is no laughing matter, but more one of care, love and determined realness. Pretty kind sounding as well…

After this the song named ‘Scoliosis’ popped up that also came with a kindness that felt heartfelt. Easy string treatment of a singing songwriter’s best friend (the guitar) felt like the best companionship of the voice of the artist, who sings here with lovely backing vocals only underlining certain lines for ultimate warmth and perfection felt really nice in my ears and mind. It comes across as being seated in the artist’s heart where she treats you well with milk, cookies and lots of warm intimacies that you would feel safe and at home in. Very generous in the way of giving herself for the righteous listening experience…

At the end there is ‘single lady feet’ which comes along a sweet strumming sensation that carries the voice as if it’s a lovely dream on a cloud. Her words are sung as the instrument, while the strummed guitar gives the tempo to be nodding away on. It’s a lovely little goodbye as it is here where the little demo release seem to end on a good note. It makes me want to hear more music coming from this artist’s bedroom, as the sound of comfort, minimalism and coziness are always a sign of realness. Realness brought in dreamy ways is always a pleasure to the ears and mind. In this case I’m very happy to give the release a second listen as the spoken word in the beginning had almost become the lone barrier that stopped me for doing so. But once in, things became much more fluent and lovingly kind that I could only bow to in all my sincere seriousness. While I do this, you could give this link a click and check it out for your own ears:

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