Edø Pistø Sømi – (3β​)​-​cholest​-​5​-​en​-​3​-​ol

Artist: Edø Pistø Sømi
Title: (3β​)​-​cholest​-​5​-​en​-​3​-​ol
Keywords: dots unlimited radio edø pistø sømi experimental circuit bending electro noise experimental music experimental noise free jazz noise music noiserock space music Florida
Label: Muteant Sounds (net label)

Hello and welcome at another so called review.. actually, it’s probably more a walk through.. reading about what a person is hearing; a idiotic thing to do, but pretty damn okay at times. This time I decided to hear the curious music by Edø Pistø Sømi. It’s in the regions of minimalism, experiment and let’s face it; unpretentious vagueness. It starts great with something that would be a amazing surprise when thrown into a club in the middle of some dancehall classics:

It starts with ‘Boding Saga’ which is having the subtle groove of pure party music within its simpleton skeleton of simplicity. It contains no beat, no drums, kicks or claps; but is ultimately moving like a dance floor filler that would keep the dancing crowd in a sedative trance. Just like a instant case of hypnosis, perfect to be thrown in at the unexpected highlight of the night; keeping everyone entranced and nobody knows by what… is it the pills? Is it the non existent music? A wonder of technology!

The other experiment named ‘Correctness Polar’ is more hitting the corners of the lounge, with its feeding vibrating vibrations of minimalism towards the ears you might want to chill out a bit. Test out your intelligence by trying not to think at all. It is coming across like a lovely played Melody that keeps itself as vague and unrevealing as possible. Perfectly hitting the pulsating pulses for newbie drug users to scratch and tumble their heads over and over again.

With ‘Drillbient 2’ we can feel more secluded, as if we are being lurked in towards the white corners of a secret lavatory; some water dripping on the floor, maybe a puddle of urine moving its way about. That kind of thing..There is something lonely and alien over here & in this case it isn’t us, the listener, but the suggestive non suggesting ‘music’ that shapes these lonely cubicles of possible toiletries.

From Infintity to No is another vague mumbling sensation that feels highly scientific and yet gives no real reason to become a mind breaking ball buster. It shimmers a bit around, creating a audio space that flows more in to the common ambient realms, making it a audio setting to sit back in and position your chair into the setting of relaxedness.

Locators Spot As A is a bit like a sparrow playing a mini guitar with its little beak. But also comes across at times at the sound of a miniature truck that has its alarm on when driving backwards. Warning people not to walk behind it or face the consequences of being run over by this microscopic truck; who knows, a toe might be crushed to pulp forever! The twinkling sensation of the sound feels quite pretty and most human among all these other experiments on this release, yet always vague and steering away from any concreting complications. I don’t really know what I’m saying over here, but it looks nice and feels about right.

As last there is ‘Swept’ which comes across like those likable magnetic balls that hit each-other forever as a table setup in every respected office and house setting. Sometimes a unexpected fart from a long lost bowel seem to have been mixed in, elevating the twinkling rattling sensation into something more dense and third dimensional. All in all, this is a very vague release of experimental music, nicely put together, yet only for the appropriate crowds that are willing to sneak their ears out of the box for a peek and a wonder. I’ve done it and guess what; no harm was done in the process!

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