A few minutes to spare with Gullible Thieves / bluboy62 / Mestre Chapeleiro

With limit time on my hands and festivals to attend, I thought it would be thoughtful to post some short releases that are freely made available by the NOUNOUHAO label. How efficient and nice of this label to keep things short and to the point. According to the label itself it is a D.I.Y label that focus on experimental music and alternative raps; with members being divided between Brazil and USA. Nice, isn’t it?

artist: Gullible Thieves
title: Cleaning up the mess we made
keywords: hip-hop/rap alternative hip-hop art rap experimental hip-hop gullible lo-fi hip hop thieves rap underground hip hop Brazil

Let’s start with something friendly: Gullible Thieves that are cleaning up the mess. How nice of them! They not only clean it all up, they also made some excellent sounding hip hop tunes with experimental melodies that sounds surprisingly lovable. I like their voices, they sound proper and streetwise. I wouldn’t mind to be robbed by these fine people, as they come across as professionals leaving it all spotless and with nice smells.

artist: bluboy62
title: bluprinting
keywords: experimental hip-hop/rap alternative hip-hop art rap beat tape break beat experimental hip-hop lo-fi hip hop trapwave underground hip hop vaporwave Brazil

Apparently bluboy62 had made some music for ears to listen aswell. It’s best that these ears are attached to a head of a person who isn’t all too serious. Not that you have to be a comedian or a clown to appreciate it, but who knows; maybe it has some benefits. Maybe people who are attracted to memes or simple open minded people with short attention spams could also be satisfied by what this Bluboy62 had created. They are all very short, all six tracks of them; making it also a great time killer for if you have none & still want to cultivate your mind with some bad beats & lightweight repetitive peaces of shit sampling. The label suggest that the artist itself has been missing & to be honest; who can blame Bluboy62?

artist: Mestre Chapeleiro
title: Tudo se Repete
keywords: hip-hop/rap alternative hip-hop art rap experimental hip-hop lo-fi hip hop underground hip hop Brazil

Who else we can listen in a short time frame? Yes, Mestre Chapeleiro’s Tudo de Repete. This is a collection of 5 short experimental hip hop tunes that aren’t half bad. It’s like a half cup empty which equals to a cup that is half full. We can hear lush beats with those clicking ticking rattles and some saucy keyboard sounds laying a backdrop for the Mestre to rap words over. I’m not really good at languages, but I presume it is one that is spoken in Brazil. It doesn’t matter if you can’t understand a single sentence as his voice is pleasant enough to understand that it lays pleasantly in the mix & that the music is genuine.

There is lots more of this kind on the label to attend, but unfortunately my time has left me no space to explore more. Still, you are free to do so yourself you lucky person!

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