Eli Gras – Grass Velvet

Artist: Eli Gras
Title: Grass Velvet
Keywords: experimental adventurous Deventer
Label: Esc.rec. http://www.escrec.com

We can talk about this artist for ages, how she invents and builds her own sound machines & installations, converting found materials of her artist residencies to build new material & create her own ways of music making. But instead of staring into the abyss of the nonstop fascination of how her music is created, I rather go and stick my ears into one of her creations as perceived in the audio way. Although if you look at how this music was created, it’s pretty much a fascinating process:

I had chosen ‘grass velvet’ as my listening material for the day and was dragged into a rusty sounding outside world that felt small and intimidating. At one moment I felt like being in a intimate place with lots of rusted greeneries, a spot with healthy grass that was cut short and natural, yet felt also a bit as if it was in more need for oil than water to drink. How bizarre! At other moments the short audio work made me think of fingers-as-knives as attached to a Freddy Krueger type of character, one that creepily uses its blades to sharpen & incite fears on the walls and fences of Elmstreet.

It’s definitely a strange combo of visual thoughts when hearing this grass velvet: One is pleasantly comfy and the other is a bit more nightmarish. The switch between these two visions can be easily made, so for my own comforting reasons I had chosen the one of the environmental green (but hungry for oil) robot grass. I closed my eyes and opened up my ears and felt the imaginary grass between my fingers, it was as if a small amount of sunlight shined through the audio, like a small spotlight focusing on a square meter in which the music made me sit silently.

Things rattled as minimal tones made me zone out pleasantly. I felt like time had been passing by slowly & as if entire days had gone when the music had stopped. Only to notice that only a little bit more than 5 minutes had gone and a entire day was still ahead waiting for me. It made me feel relieved and slightly rested. Things that are handy in this age of hecticness in which time and relaxedness are a rare find. Speaking about rare finds, the actual sound machine responsible for the music recording ( which is stored on a one off piece of vinyl!) is a unique work, crafted by the artist herself and available for the true collector. It looks stunning too, which is great if you are indeed the kind of collector that needs this in their life & do not want it to look like like some ordinary piece. In any case, you can find Grass Velvet over at the following link:

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1 Response to Eli Gras – Grass Velvet

  1. Eli Gras says:

    Dear friend KN. Here’s Eli Gras. I ask apologizes, I’ve never commented here thank you! Just to send a hug. And to say thank you.

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