Miles Davis – kind of blue

Artist: Miles Davis
Title: kind of blue
Keywords: jazz

This music recommendation one is especially for people with kids, especially babies that are either on the edge or already crying… this album is for you! But before I go there word-wise, I think it’s appropriate to mumble some Dadaist appreciation towards the enigma that was Miles Davis:

So sad Miles is no longer among us, but luckily this trumpeting genius existed as his music has saved me plenty of times. Whether his crazy mad works placed fire behind a activity like driving a car for many miles or chopping up some food product; his vibes have always made me do it faster and more efficient! I don’t even own a car or know how to drive one, but with Miles his trumpeting experiments blasting away you feel like you can own a car and can do anything without a problem. He has passionately performed on so many records that there is always a inspiring soundtrack for any needed occasion. A person like a Jimi Hendrix but probably even more diverse; a deliverer of music that has the power to elevate even the shyest person to do things he or she never thought it could have done before…

Oh well, forget and forgive my little enthused ramble of glorification for the one and only Miles Davis, but hey; his musical body of work is surely something to look up towards, bend down for and kiss his eligible imaginative feet while saying a prayer as a full well meant ‘thank you’. But yes to come slowly to the point; for every occasion there is a Miles Davis album to find, but I wanted to say some nice words on the ‘kind of blue’ one. Not just because it is a very nice and pleasant album for the ears, as well as probably the most popular one in this musician’s oeuvre; I feel it’s also a important thing to share with anyone who has young kids… especially babies!

I don’t have a human baby myself, but just for this album I would borrow a few just to test my theory of what this ‘kind of blue’ album’s effect has on the blabbing happy nappy wearing little ones that are out there to cry: it has been amazing! I would just place the crying baby on my hand, hold it in the appropriate ways full comfort and protection & than unleash the music of the ‘kind of blue’ album on both of our ears. I would wobble the baby around, following the tempo of these pleasant music compositions and have found that in 99.9 percent it makes all the babies relax, listening full attention to these vibes and eventually fall asleep in peace. It’s like the audio music medicine that has simply put the perfect rhythm down to dance the baby to sleep with, with the best stimulating melodies to keep it occupied with care and magic, distracting it from the uncomfortable time of experiencing a full nappy or the irresistible hunger for milk & even the terrors of teething problems.

Thanks to the kind of blue album, babies would not turn blue from heavy crying. Even a red face will be avoided as the music is a instant tear stopper & not in importantly; it’s pleasant material to hear over and over again without getting boring. It’s so much better & more efficient than watching repetitive action as performed by the teletubbies & feels like it makes the babies and caretaker’s brain grow with each play; music education to wobble forever with! So yes, replacing the sound of a crying baby with the sound of Miles Davis’s kind of blue album is a highly recommended thing to do & a great top tip to pass on to any young parent or child minder. Thanks Miles for saving the ears & creating this thoughtful and handy family friendly master piece!


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3 Responses to Miles Davis – kind of blue

  1. Linda says:

    It also works perfectly when all whiny colleagues must have the solar screens down even when no sun is on the window yet and you (I) need that sun like they need their coffee. I mean, no these guys don’ t get to hear mr. Davis. I will. It would have been very nice if we’d share the music, but I’m afraid they won’t appreciate. They seriously lack taste in sunbeams and music 😦

    (and yes I can complain even worse than them, sorry for that, just had to get it off the chest)

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