Sarah Schonert – My Unwinding State

Artist: Sarah Schonert
Title: My Unwinding State
Keywords: electronic eclectic ethereal indie pop piano singer-songwriter synth Peoria

Sarah Schonert has this beautiful album on display, released in 2016 but still growing on me in this evident year of 2018. It only surprises me that I did not have found a earlier way to write about it, in order to share it with other lovers of good music. That might be you, dear reader… that might be you.

The reason that I had kept It has probably to do with that I can’t find anything off putting about it, making me slip away with each play until it becomes a personal part of me as a listener. A thing that makes me want to keep it for myself, keeping it under my wing like a proud swan that wants no one to touch its beautiful family. Still, now it’s the time to bury the selfishness and try to share this album with the rare visitors of this curious music blog; that’s for Sue you, my music appreciative friend.

I think this album is very beautiful and even though it sounding big and quite grandiose in detail, she also kept it very close to her heart, giving it a homely and intimate feeling that gives power and at times even the shivering shivers. To me it feels like the artist is taking you into her musical home, which feels like a safe haven that you can stay in for as long as your audio player seems to make it play…the experience makes it into that precious music piece that a serious music collector would keep away from barbaric friends that could come over, a release of music to only put on when the coast is really clear for a comfortable listening session with no disturbing disturbances around. (Might this be also you, dear reader?)

With her unique composing skills and touches of prominent piano works she sings her songs like a mixture that feels like a classical minstrel of melodies and a storytelling teller that shows strength and friendly honesty. Her voice (tone wise) reminds me of Kate Bush; powerful and full of personal confidence. A fierceness that is Devine and warrior like, and definitely not afraid at all to show her real love and affection in and around her channeled music. I simply enjoy how her music flows like a beautiful colorful curtain in the wind in front of my very own ears & how her singing sails on it like a strong unsinkable ship that had been crafted by love and determined passion. I think it’s very kind that we can sail along thanks to the existence of this album; a perfect activity to enjoy with a glass of wine and your heart open.

All the songs (and there are many!) are coming across as very upfront and personal, full of Sarah’s personality that cone across as very human and close to a wonderful person’s soul to me. She isn’t afraid to show her feelings and emotions inside her intimate but at times theatrical sounding music, something that seems to not only grow each time I’ve played it, but also as the album goes along its own playlist…

It’s like she is pulling the listener in with every song, more and more into her own wondrous world of artistic pureness. Telling passionate stories that drags me (and probably you too?) along for a ride in which a talented artist is brave enough to give it all, opening her heart with the help of the creation of music, something that feels to me as a strength that many musicians lack. At times she feels like a theatrical star on the Westend, capturing a mesmerized audience with ease.
I’m not a fan of musicals or anything that is chewed out each and every day in a mass produced theatre production, but that’s why these parts of the album are so wonderful. They proof to me that when performed with a soul and absolute realness even theatrical songs can hit the snare of truthful passion.

With Sarah’s music nothing seems to be forced, everything comes across as natural and real, which is a thing that singing performers in a broadway show will almost never be able to put in the play. This is all real, open hearted and emotional. With Sarah Schonert in her unwinding state you can be guaranteed to find a real person making music with a passionate passion, someone that is kind and strong at the same time. I respect and enjoy it as it takes not just musical skills, but also a beautiful courageousness to make such a wonderful honest album. Do not play or share it with your barbaric friends, but cherish it for those precious moments in which this album seems to flourish the most.

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