Thanatoloop – Musica a la Muerte Infinita

Artist: Thanatoloop
Title: Musica a la Muerte Infinita
Keywords: experimental avant-prog drone industrial noise outsider music post-industrial post-punk psychedelic shoegaze Chile

Falling into the loopy loopholes that this special music on this album has to offer is like going down the rabbit hole of Alice, but discovering a completely different kind of wonderland at the end of the tunnel. With craziness that isn’t afraid to balance between mental insanity and exciting genius material that these adventures of energetic creative sound magic has to offer, you will be in for a excellent ride that will manage to press your own buttons of ‘wtf’ and ‘geez, I seem to enjoy this?’.

With a free load of audio snippets, electronics, vocals, keyboards, percussions and even a violin, Michel Leroy (the person behind Thanatoloop) has managed to put down a album that is original and crazily entertaining. Just when you think ‘this is it’ he simply overrides your predictions by opening doors to portholes that might be beyond your wildest dreams or craziest expectations. The great thing of it all is that he keeps providing these ‘worlds’ with a rhythm, making these experiences to never slow down & always on a enjoyable roll for brain and fantasy stimulating purposes!

The release couldn’t have better fitting artwork than the one it proudly shows as the cover; it’s extremely telling (probably more so than any of my words would be able to do) to what the music on music a la muerte infinita has to offer. My personal favorite part of the album has to be the ‘hit’ titled Cautela Fisiológica, it has the right mental pulse of a manic sexiness that will give the trip a nice and happy momentum. In any case, I have nothing more to say as I’m slowly recovering from a slight hangover which in combo with this album is a challenge.. but still couldn’t resist sharing this special goody with you.

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1 Response to Thanatoloop – Musica a la Muerte Infinita

  1. Michel is a true to heart poet, musician and loving father who has been at it since he was in his teens in the 90’s. Do the math and he is still quite young and relevant unto his own unique carved out world he has slowly shaped and formed through the decades. This is the embodiment of a kid who took the punk rock messages of unity and staying true to yourself over dividends and desperate pretensions to heart. Applying it over his and theirs, in various projects with his cohorts and friends. I’ve taken exception to, Un Festín Sagital, as well which is another project that is bulletproof with their psychedelic war-dance dispatches. The whole unit seem filled with natural talent and flow like the Ganges is sacred. The Santiago de Chile scene amazes me the more closer I look into it all. Pure love from abroad always and growing exponentially. Anyways that is how I feel about it and I am very glad to have been introduced to him. Much love all around for this (you), that (Seb) and the man himself. Cheers until we go under the sod friends. I encourage everyone to listen and support him in anyways possible if it can be done. Here is wishing you eternal bliss where I usually only pour piss honestly. A shard in the darkness this way comes… hehe. ☻i.

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