Emily A. Sprague – Water Memory

Artist: Emily A. Sprague
Title: Water Memory
Keywords: ambient ambient eurorack minimal modular synthesizer natural New York

I woke up at four in the morning to hear a collection of pretty birds singing and chatting in front of my open window. To thank them for their beautiful sounds of peace I decided to return them the musical favor by not singing them a song (my voice isn’t as pretty!) but by playing Water Melody by Emily A. Sprague. I didn’t know this synthetic synthesizer music before, but heard lots of good stories about it & somehow faith pointed it out as the gift of the moment.

I dragged the speakers towards the window and blindly pressed play on the album and found the perfect volume that combined the real life bird sounds outside and Emily’s music in a beautiful balance. The result was as surreal and godly as it could have been, it felt like a mystical experience & it warmed my heart to be able to share this pretty music with the lovely birds that had so kindly awoken me from my sleep.

The dense tones of warm modular sounds felt like magic that tranquilized time and space, captured this mystical morning exchange of nature and synth music like a gift from the heavens. The birds seemed to appreciate it, undisturbed going for another salvo of singing, blending their enthusiasm with mine, making it a real music listening experience that felt truly natural and yet dreamy enough to feel like things this amazing couldn’t be real… but it was!

The suggestive tones of mellow melodies, all spreading out like a kind and generous blanket of sound through my room and out in the open air. The birds that danced and sang among those tones, all became one graceful exchange of nature’s art. It felt very special and suggesting that from now on everything would be alright: Mother Nature would accept this gift of music and its messengers (the birds) would always be my friends that would stay around for more early morning music adventures. Might I become a early morning bird myself? Very unlikely, but who knows…

When the album had finished doing its lovely thing the birds flew away into the far distance. My eyes closed peacefully as I slept until a much more appropriate time to wake up in. Leaving only this report as the proof of it actually happening as all had felt like a surrealistic dream, a unreal beauty that felt so calming, pretty and relaxingly good. It made me happy to exist and appreciative for the powers of wonderful feelings of nature’s music. I have a feeling that you might not be a bird, but I still really wanted to share this beautiful album with you:

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