Jeroen Diepenmaat – Ode

Artist: Jeroen Diepenmaat
Title: Ode
Keywords: experimental art installation art music box sound art soundscape turntables Netherlands

First of all a legitimate warning: I’ve liquidated half of my mind with a fresh bottle of whiskey, just to be able to listen to Jeroen Diepenmaat’s release with enough openness to tell you about it. So here we go: the artist seems to play on the youthful baby sentiment by playing some kind of tingle tangle device that reminds me of spending time in the crib. It’s utterly comforting to hear these piling pling ploing sounds until they naturally die out because of the spiral musical mobile machine needing some rewinding again. It’s good that this Dutch artist can plug into a adult’s early memories of life, amazingly thanks to the wonders of sounds and music, as it made me remember the time of shitting myself in diapers and sucking on a soother. How wonderful!

This feeling gets only more intense with the second track on this release. This one is called ‘trek’ and seems like an orgy of these baby entertainment systems being recharged by a human’s hand pulling the many strings at the same time. The result is a miraculous work that consists out of tingling bell-like sensations, playing their Melody at close intervals of time, making me feel like I need to kick my legs like a appreciative happy baby would do. Yes, the music on this release makes me feel extremely odd and yet soothed me out better than any psychiatrist could do; thank you Jeroen!

Ode at Tweetakt is the last happening on this piece of vinyl (or digital variant), which feels like we are having the honor to feel the stimulating sound recordings of a sound installation completely created by these wonderful pling plong tingle tangle music devices. It makes me want to suck my big thumb and make my eyes feel sleepily content. I do not really fancy milk from a booby, but a bottle of warm milk would certainly go in well right now! This music release by Jeroen Diepenmaat certainly plugs into the early baby memories and screws the head of the adults listening to it (while under influences of a hardcore alcoholic liquid) into a extremely weird position. I feel satisfied but also hopelessly awkward thanks to Jeroen his release, but isn’t that what all art should do? Try it out yourself and see what it does to you:

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1 Response to Jeroen Diepenmaat – Ode

  1. Linda says:

    Less than 2 minutes in I had to yawn so loudly that my colleague made a remark….
    Lovely music nonetheless but not very suitable for working environments or dancefloors 😀

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