Jan LF Strach – Wygaszacz Ekranów

Artist: Jan LF Strach
Title: Wygaszacz Ekranów
Keywords: rock chaos pop experimental pop jan strach poland polish post-punk postpop psychedelic underpolen Poznań

Within the last fascination of a album coming out of Jan Strach brain he comes across as nature’s finest man, all hidden away in the bushes only to pop up in pure harmony for a truthful dispensing music performance that will keep us entertained all throughout the day. For this he transformed his voice to sound more like a fairy than your average polish rock star, one that sits on the crown of low fidelity to simply rise towards the top of pure symphony. I somehow happen to refuse to go for a track by track conversation, as I simply have loaded myself with too much alcoholic goodies to do such a thing, but promise to let you know how great this music is with every honest bone that’s been left throughout my entire body. Not that any of my bones had left me, but who knows?


Jan Strach seems to have plugged into the sensible punk-ways of modernizing modern society, freaking out with cool techniques, scientific melodies of future and past to make it sound all lucid and rocky, while also keeping its style futuristically low bro! With funky little bright led marry melodies, some darker ones, charming synth sounds and out of touch vocal happenings & down to earth sounds of mustered mysteries we can be sure to get the most humane side out of this artist. A thing that is easier said than done, but with Jan Strach something that is almost as good as guaranteed. He brings life to your ears!

The layers of petite fuzzy prettiness makes the experience a easy going non nonsense showcase; music that placed the artist’s heart upfront and you (as a listener) have the opportunity to enjoy it from up close. Moving yourself along to the generated music places that offer you unchallenging materials and brand new innovative inventions that keeps itself down to the ground. With very little fraction Jan Strach jump from pretty stuff to the stage of the calculated mentally insane. This is one of the main reasons why I (personally) enjoy this artist’s music so much over here; you simply don’t know what’s going on, where it starts, how things will end… with the music of Jan Strach you are simply be left wandering about and enjoying this state at the same time.

This seems especially the case with this peculiar album in which extreme originality of sounds and style blend together with more appropriate compositions. Like for example the sounds of music as heard in Okulary Do Chodzenia come across as if they are coming from some other stellar system, while Jan and his beats molds it into some kind of cool hip hop rockiness that clearly has its roots from the planet called earth. In any case the keypunch of ‘expect the unexpected’ seems to be stamped on this album like a golden plaque of approval. If the collection of musical adventures was a person it was severely complex and with full blown personality. A bit like listening to all facets of life, with ambience moments, noisier bits, feelings and emotions. Unexplainable collages that could only coming out of the creative hands and mind of this passionate alchemist of music and sound creation.. maybe that’s it! Jan Strach might experiment and creates excellent originalities of amazing listening material, but who knows; maybe he is actually trying to stumble upon the secret of how to make gold! It’s for sure a fascinating album!

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2 Responses to Jan LF Strach – Wygaszacz Ekranów

  1. Linda says:

    What a pleasant, intimate and listenable album this is! It grows on me with every ‘spin’:D ❤ ❤ It's a bit like the Polish lyrics, I can't really say why I like it, but it just feels very good!

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