Keldari Station – Granda Elektra Koro


title: Granda Elektra Koro
artist: Keldari Station
tags: chillout, electronic, analogue, dub, spacedub, synthpop, Denver

Before we begin, I must say a few things. They are of little to no consequence, and that’s why they are going to be verbose and take up entirely too much space and time. I was perusing the little blurb associated with this release, and I noticed the mention of say goodbye to ground control, which for some reason I thought sounded familiar and initially thought might be a reference to Major Tom (it still might be), when lo and behold that’s the name of one of their releases, and I, Caffeinate, even reviewed it but I COMPLETELY FORGOT I HAD. Fun times.

So, now that that’s out of the way, here is some more useless information. I have tried to write this review for two nights now. The first night, I thought I was too sleepy and put it off. Last night I passed out very early and that threw everything off course into the realm of why is this happening to me again please can’t I get a regular night’s sleep for a decent amount of time to establish a rhythm but not I can’t so oh well, and here we are.

This is mainly, a remix album. Which makes my senses tingle of ‘uh oh, it’s a remix album.” I am afraid I am a person of little patience from time to time, so sadly I may get bored. My normal plan of attack is wait some moments before listening to the next track to give me some time to forget cleanse my brain for a fresh start, much like eating ginger between different sushi rolls.

Without further ado, we stumble into the original track titled Big Electric Heart by none other than Keldari Station. Already, the synths are tugging at my own heart strings. The lyrics. Fantastic. It feels like it could be some form of anthem or some sort. Fists pistoning in the air. Oh man. Love is still the drug. I’ve told some things about my love life, so yeah. I get that line completely. I enjoy that the lyrics are varied. Big electric heart is obviously the base, the foundation but the rest of the lyrics come in with variation and similar messaging so kudos there.

Sweet deal. Now we get to the remixes.

tachycardic sugar rush

Holy crap do they all have their own artwork?

Before that begins though, Bandcamp decided to skip three tracks down. :<

Oh shit. We got some like live electric wire synth with an impending doom heartbeat. This sounds EDM as fuck.

And this Tachycardic Sugar Rush Mix doesn’t disappoint with that. LFO mainline synth and our 4/4 drum beats. Definitely a different energy infused. Now, my sugar rushes tend to wind up pretty crazy because they’re also paired with caffeine. So while not the usual manic rush of “HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA” it’s got a sweet tone. Arpeggios and some robit vocals. Woo. Some more vocal fuckery, and this sugar rush is starting to turn into one of those man I feel sort of up but I have the jitters and I should really drink some water to help this pass. Not bad by any sense, just it goes on quite a bit. But hey, it’s their interpretation etc. so woo. Yay. Good. Times.

summer of love remix

Is the next one. SUMMER OF LOVE THE PERPACITY REMIX. This one sounds a lil more spacey and more uh tingy. Like more key synths than like the beep boops. It almost sounds more like an edit, in the sense it is rather close to the original. Which is fine with me. There are plenty of remixes that go absolutely bonkers and while it may have one point resembled the original, it goes so far out of it’s way, that it basically sounds like an original track. It be what it be. [pause for hot dog break. time out: 17:53. time in:

hearscore mix

(ok i’m cheating, the water is still boiling so I figured I’d get this much done, so yeah the next timestamp will not be accurate but whatever just pretend this isn’t here) 18:06.]

Hm. Heartscore. Is this a clever way of talking about blood pressure readings? Is my heart score my ability to love (if that’s the case then, per previous reviews establishing that I have no heart, I presume I’d score a zero)? Who knows? Well, hopefully they do.

More importantly, it starts off with some like synthetic flute sounds that get detuned into this sick lo-fi’d bassline with verbed/subdued drums. This is pretty fun. Then some pads come in behind the vocals. Chkka chkka chkka. I’m digging this interpretation. Oh, they detuned the vocals too. Haha, sick.

Some neat little usages of only bringing in one thing at a time, be it drums or synths etc. Changes it up just enough. [I almost succumbed to sleep once more (due to my shit sleep habits not because of the music!) but I pulled myself out, wahoo] That section at the end though, muy bueno.

GrevusAnjl mix

This one is fluttery. Percolating. Bouncey. Then it gets kinda like sinister-esque. It feels like somethin is comin on. Are we gonna get some sort of crazy big beat insanity?!?!? Ok, it sort of rolls on gently through. I predicted wrong. My. bad. I’m sorry. Slowish breakbeat (idk is there an actual name for than genre? whatever, it’s something I’d expect more from a hip hop type track is all).

I’ll give it a big plus for being a rather original interpretation and it is quite nice. Instrument choice is solid.

d3po mix.png

D3PO and The Droidlocks? What a name. Hehe. It’s fun. Strange. Oh, no furkin shananities. It’s a dub remix! Now, it be this kind of dub, and not what one might expect if you just listen to dub techno. If that’s what you thought, you’re in for an awakening.

Alright, so now that everything makes sense to me and my brain, well, it is exactly what it says it is. I don’t listen to much dub, it is not my cup of tea. So, I kinda skipped through it. And by kinda, I mean I definitely did.

klaxun mix

Klaxan? Nope. Klaxen? Nah. Klaxin? Not really. Klaxon? Definitely not. Klaxun? Yes, there we go. It’s all like space gravel at first and then it gets into housey type patterns, holy crap this is like so cheesy. Which means it’s fantastic. I’m almost sad there isn’t a bit of a vocoder.

Sounds almost out of time really, reminiscent of styles in use longer ago, with some of their own flavor. That space gravel in the background is up to all sorts of shenanigans OH THERE IS THE VOCODER.

Then some pianos. Woo. Or a piano.

And finally, there is a live version. Ho shit. Already, I can tell these are quality live performers. Got these all live exclusive intros and what not. That’s part of the fun of a show, you get to do all sorts of fun not on the album stuff. A treat indeed. Dope.

So that does it…OR DOES IT?!?!?!!?

Speaking of live things, Keldari Station was kind enough to send over a live “ambient thing.” I have heard (from the most unreliable source) that it will probably be coming out in June. It is titled Ethos. It is much different than some (most?) of their work. I have gone on tirades in the past about ambient, but they use more than like 3 notes, so that’s already a huge step in the right direction in my book. Anyways check out that eventually but for now check out Granda Elektra Koro (oh shit wait, that means big electric heart in some language…Esperanto? Seriously?) below:


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