Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin ‬- Button Eyes (featuring Chip the Black Boy)

Artist: ‪Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin ‬
Title: ‪Button Eyes (featuring Chip the Black Boy)‬
Keywords: experimental art pop electronic lofi lounge no wave outsider music psychedelic Gibsonton

Out from the shadows a fine pair of button eyes are lurking at you. What will you do? Listen to the whispering words that slip out from between their button lips? Look back and greet them with your very own eyes? Wink with a twist of appreciation? Sneak towards them or go for a runner to the nearest escape route?

I wouldn’t go for the last option as you will miss out on a special meet and greet. As the button eyes will be so happy to introduce its friends to you and also bringing a swinging band along. It’s not your average looking and sounding band, no it’s nobody less than the famous pelham Boys! Yes, you have read it well; the Pelham boys! Get your notebooks out and get their autographs! They are rocking out like Young puppet gods!

But there is simply plenty of other reasons not to miss the experience of being included as one of their own among this close circle of puppet friends. To me it seems to be a good thing to do: Where else could you enjoy the opportunity to hang out with gorgeous mannequins and even receiving the spitting words by the psycho king of all the underground tranquilotist dolls: Chip The Black Boy!
Yep, you have read it correctly: Chip the black boy, the doll of celebrity musician, comedian and all round good fella David Liebe Hart is waiting to meet you in the darkness, only to be lightened up by the romantic sight of a burning candle! More autographs of famous stars are simply waiting to be collected!

When petunia-liebling macpumpkin got to meet button eyes before you, she clearly went in for the invite. And look at her now; she also turned into a lovely doll, ready to welcome you in uncanny valley with her pretty porcelain face and brand new puppet body! At that point you might as well throw your autograph notebook plans down the drain as this new life as a puppet among puppet friends and handsome mannequins doesn’t require any more silly human activities or hobbies. A mind of wood, unbreakable arms that go by itself: ladies and gentlemen I present you heaven! (Or hell?) join the puppet show!

Do you need to hear more, please do join Petunia-Liebling in uncanny valley at the following link:

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