Club Pocameau – ダイバーズ・デライト

Artist: Club Pocameau
Title: ダイバーズ・デライト
Keywords: vaporwave, love bit, dance, tropical, electronic, chill out, Lobit,
Label: L0BIT

Plenty of feet down below is where Club Pocameau (for this special occasion) seemed to have opened up its imaginative open doors, a place perfect for a undisturbed party, very exclusive as no person with a phobia of underwater surroundings (or 24kbps sounds!) would ever enter; no party poopers or disco farts, just plenty of hard underground music fans having a drink and a ultra relaxed dance in a cozy tropical bubble situation.

The heavy water that surrounds them makes the dancing moves more bizarre than above sea level. It’s almost like walking on the moon yet heavier, much more surrounded by brightly colored fish and fancy sea creatures to look at and perhaps lick for their psychedelic toxins! Everything is simply build around having a good time, with so much liquid around; the drinks must be free on the house! And as it’s not even a house, the option to fill your liver will simply be limitless!

This makes hanging out in this under water establishment a great thing to enjoy, relax and feel alright by. With good vibes and a easy going attitude, these surroundings truly make the hard-to-get clubland into one that feels utterly delightful & chilled out. No bad attitudes here and no discomfort, only good times to have and fun to be made. Fancy making love with a incredible lobster? As long as it’s done with a mutual consent you simply would feel very free to do just that! Isn’t freedom a magical thing?

So let’s get down with the vapor waves and low bit rated version of under water good times! Jump in and dive, dance and embrace the tropical laid back flavors:ダイバーズ・デライト/

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