Joey Molinaro – Live in Sweden

Artist: Joey Molinaro
Title: Live in Sweden
Keywords: black metal experimental acoustic crustpunk fiddle grindcore modern classical Pittsburgh
label: Gold Bolus

With the charming powers of a God Joey Molinaro is like a statue dangling far above its potent deciphers. He is the artist that doesn’t need anyone or anybody else to be awesome and knows how to put it to words and music in a one single live expression. Anyone falling in his charismatic aura of talent will clap their hands red after they await patiently (with jaws on the ground!) till the notable originalities of music had been played out. He is a true text book one man band, yet his music is on speed, hyper quick, complex and yet with both feet off and on the ground! No average minstrel, but a bulge of flaming fire that is out to burn the village down with a eccentric load of talent.

He uses his feet as frantic deliveries of energetic beats, his voice to express any emotion as screwed and manic as it could possible be & the man’s best friend (a violin!) to play complex compositions that will put any metal and classical music lovers in awe and trance; a perfect cult persona to follow and be entranced by! A mad person who lived once in a cake but is now here to impress and blow all away with his enigmatic powers of being himself!

It’s like listening to a rollercoaster with flaming lights as a aura; sharp, witty, powerful, complex and interestingly manic! Who can not be mesmerized by this stormy force of music and expression known as Joey Molinaro? This release might be recorded live in Sweden, but if someone wrote that it was recorded on top of the highest volcano while balancing on a rope I would still bite and believe it! Pretty much a intriguing and indestructible persona with boiling blood in it’s veins, a voice that cuts butter in a instant, violent violin skills that are out to impress and feet more powerful than any river dance dancer ever!

This must not be the work of a earthy artist, Joey Molinaro must be a God! Impressive to say the least! He is the only person in the world who can permit posing like he does on the release its cover; he earns it and with music like this can get away with anything!

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