The Hunted Hare – Lost Wilderness

Artist: The Hunted Hare
Title: Lost Wilderness
Keywords: experimental ambient guitar neoclassical Washington
Label: Verses Records

I’ve been walking around in the lost wilderness, getting some lost raindrops on my head as I listened to some candid homely guitar recordings. It makes life simply a little less lonely, hooking up with these guitar strings that compliment the outer surroundings of the wilderness like a soothing compliment. I don’t know why or what for, but sometimes it’s okay to not ask many questions. As the guitar music is very pleasant and calm, vibrant at times, engaging at certain moments; certainly no bad backdrop of music to be found when searching for the way out of the bewildered wildernesses.

In the end I’ve been spending summers down in the fields, walking around in circles, listening to these melodies of melancholy. I can’t say that these guitar works have been shocking, but that’s the whole point of them; they feel so fine and dandy in the hearing receptors of my own personality. I wouldn’t claim that they are eccentric or prominent in any way, but they do feel like good companions for background listening. It made me think of imaginative fairy tales, stories to fall asleep with… that kind of thing.

Mothers that hum songs to their children, easy listening materials that get a listener seduced into a calm human beings, listening to mellow melodies that feel friendly and ancient. As if they had been done many times before, even though they had been entirely new compositions. There is simply something about these works that I as a critic seem to appreciate. It probably helps that my liver is sedated and full, but outside of this fact; lose wilderness is a easy listening kind of work that feels like the ideal work to put on when you want melodies to befriend your day, especially when you aren’t in need for unexpected sounds, smart ass trickery or blatant special effects; this is what you get & it’s all a pretty damn nice pall for the hearing system!

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