AVOLA – Live at Total Fest 2015

Artist: AVOLA
Title: Live at Total Fest 2015
Keywords: electronic drone eat my shit harsh noise live space synth total fest 2015

In the wait for a brand new album by AVOLA I thought it was good to heath myself up by listening to a live recording by this artist from the year 2015. It was a good year, so why not relieve it somehow with these dramatic deep drone atmospheric atmospheres? Yes, indeed they do come across for the most part as quite dark, the ones that make us roam slowly around, as if we are participants in a game of shadows in a sinister sounding environment. But when things come together they do feel strangely uplifting and bound to break boundaries. A scenery is established..

Somehow as they open up it seems to form some kind of mysterious jungle, one in which it feels like a imaginative world with deep and dense layers to wade through and sink away in. It’s heavy, very thick and quite the extraordinary place to get lost in. from out of there a ritualistic situation seems to make a drastic appearance. It’s more digital, almost as if it has been manufactured by aliens. Yet it also feels very humane, like a warrior voodoo doctor blasting out alarm-like calls through the woods, perhaps letting out noises of concern in order to make a accidentally landed space ship fly up again.

It’s the sounds and the music of pure mystery, getting more grotesque and bigger as the live performance plays out. It ends with what sounds like a engine sound of indeed a alien space vessel, one that makes me instantly think that the landed (or stranded?) alien had been saved and had a successful launch back into the great big sky. As a final result a enthused audience can be heard clapping and celebrating the lift off! They better stick around for the new album as I’ve heard the gossiping news that it would be something that goes even more beyond the imagination!

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