estlerot – ciseaux

Artist: estlerot
Title: ciseaux
Keywords: diy experimental psych radiophonic analog cassette digital drone noise tapeloop tonal Glasgow
Label: Herhalen

Ah, this is quite nice and neat; like a iron ironing the sounds as if it was a wrinkled bunch of shirts and now are all going to be flattened and without wrinkles; as good as new with a audio surface to look at and think; this is neat and it’s even getting more neater. You can almost imagine the artists using their dry cleaning and steamer tools to get every croaky sound flattened, the sounds of boiling kettles, fluffy steam and the pretty comfort of looking at the process of everything being made as if it just came out of a textile factory: it’s pretty satisfying if you know what I mean.

Of course this is not about sorting out garments, as these are drone ambient experimental listening pieces, but they have been approached with such a gentle care that you almost wished it was indeed the two artists taking care of all your wrinkly clothes. They for sure seem to have a perfect eye for detail and do check the entire surface of these tracks to clearly make them sound as comfortable as possible. I even imagine them smelling nice of rosewater, washing powder and sweet fabric softeners; there is a real touchable feel to it in that sense of the word.

The entire production goes by smoothly, making it all a pleasant experience for the sound lover that likes to have its sounds smoothed out as one, without any shocking surprises or bumps in its audio surfaces; the ears will simply be given a reason to relax, letting it all go with the flow… if that is what you had been searching for, seek no longer:

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