Crystal Eternal – Stories from the Love Motel

Artist: Crystal Eternal
Title: Stories from the Love Motel
Keywords: experimental ambient futurefunk lo-fi vaporwave Cincinnati

Let’s check in at the love motel, where we can enjoy stroking the curtains and the sincere act of making a sensual collect call so sexy that it makes you want to touch yourself. Put on some naughty nighties and make yourself at home, enjoying the nightly rate and make the modest most out of it. There is something about it…

Enjoy the pink and reddish lights, working together to lift the cheesy erotic atmospheric mood that will make you feel like making dreams come true in the romantic love making department. Alone or with a paid friend.. Did someone order a escort and a cheesy synthesizer? Love is real, you know?

We dream away while melting in each other’s imaginary arms. Together as one, sailing on old memorable hits all slowed down to turn them into the engagers of a night of pure paradise! Just listen to the wonderful curves of these tunes, fill up the jacuzzi and empty the minibar! You can do it! Let’s get down tonight!

Make sure to make the towels and sheets dirty, sniff up the rose petals on the bed and enjoy the sweet scent of 1983! Tune yourself in and turn yourself on, cause everyone deserves a bit of self love & where else would be a better place to do so? The love motel is as seedy as it could be, sensually infringing on copyright like no other could possible do! One night only, so move slowly and make the most out of it.

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