Club Pocameau – Sélections

Artist: Club Pocameau
Title: Sélections
Keywords: electronic alternative vaporwave florida ambient future funk outsider ambient vaporwave Port Richey
Label: DMT Tapes FL

We are back with more free tickets to a night out into Club Pocameau. Of course we as elite reporters had been paid to go in, check it out and write a article full of praise of what we would find inside.. so please forgive us raping common grammar and the biased mess: But “wow what a club, what a display of nightlife clubbing’! As soon as me and my fellow reporters went in, we got surprised with the lame beats and slowed down movements of the colorfully dressed to impress clubbers.

In fact the music and scenery had immediately hit me like a wall; as if everyone had been trapped in a vacuum of a time that was let’s say ‘the time of their lives’. I expected that there must have been some kind of new drug on the market as I’ve never seen a scene of party people moving as if they had been dancing within the density of a pudding. It was a graceful sight, almost as if it was some kind of ancient yoga meditation that they had been doing, severely slowed down movements; but big massive proud smiles while they had been doing them.

The deejay must be exactly the same one as whose sounds we had encountered while going miles below the sea for a pop up version of Club Pocameau. We saw his wild dreams come true of hitting some kind of novelty niche within the party world, something that had all to do with good taste and spinning it all at a seemingly cheesy tempo. At first steps into this club I felt like a alien, a observer that had come from a different planet far, far away.. but somehow the party people had been so friendly and welcoming that within a bit of ‘testing out the waters’ I too was (almost) peer pressured to dance in this awkward new way.

Asking to everyone; where is the drugs? What kind of crack are you on? People just smiled, probably thinking that I might have been one of those undercover cops lurking to shut the club down.. but on the contrary; I just wanted to have a piece of it! This seemed like the new way forward, introverted club music from the past thrown into a bizarre clubbing future.. unfortunately after searching and asking around I had to come to the conclusion that these happy slow dancing visitors had only be high on the music. So I opened my ears, more and more & got high too! Here are the free entrance tickets and with any good luck you won’t need to show them while you enter through the backdoor by using this link:

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