Pompeii Burning + Bramir – O Coração da Enchente

Artists: Pompeii Burning + Bramir
Title: O Coração da Enchente
Keywords: experimental, noise
Label: MANSARDA RECORDS http://mansardarecords.wordpress.com

Oh the noise of being on a motorboat, crushing against the waves while having a woodchopper behind the steering wheel! It’s painfully exciting, especially combined with the sound of some backdrop person screwing in a light bulb. What a shredding pair & a ridiculous combo; moving and chopping, crushing and turning. Why is it here and why has this been recorded? Who has been open-minded enough to think; yes, let’s open that pack of caviar, plop out the cork of a friendly bottle of champagne and listen to this classy work of ear destruction? Can’t complain though as it is very free, cost no money at all to either stream, download or even go through the hassle of hearing it. Still I hope that the persons behind it are getting somehow compensated, as it must have been damaging to create such a piece.

If you listen carefully you can even hear someone moaning or yelling in despair. What a difficult day they must have had, scheming away their music making skills in order to make fuzzy layers that are going more vague and cloudy as we move on. You can hear feedback, beeping microphones and shouting as it continues. It makes me wonder if it is a live recording in a establishment & also made me think what kind of people would be there eating a steak or staring with obvious full attention to the stage where all this magic seems to happen. Special thoughts indeed!

More rumbling noises will be running out, making me feel like sitting on a rusty train that tries to move, but has been battling unsuccessfully with a unresponsive break. It’s pretty loud in the bleep department, filling up the air with some kind of busy despair; poisonous fog, steam and the smells of iron melting.. when the entire thing had come to a stand still, we are obliged to hear some worker bang the barrels to hopefully get it back on track again.

But no! The end will feature no more sound of a working old timer train cluttering over a railway, it will be the surprising sound of relaxation. All calm and peaceful, holding up some kind of hollow atmosphere that is warm, impersonal and yet cozy in pleasantness. A nice ending for such a wild day among the audio noise adventures!

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