Travis Johnson & Friends – Dubious Reservoir

Artists: Travis Johnson & Friends
title: Dubious Reservoir
keywords: electronic experimental ambient dub improvisation microsound musique concrete techno Saint Augustine

Let’s listen to experimentalist, enthusiastic source for audio and music exploration and trustworted person in the sound community Travis Johnson and his fine selection of friends. It’s not only a great way to discover artists that are worthwhile, it’s also just a good time well spend! First friend available is Steve Layton, he brings an atmospheric ambient work named ‘Premonitions in the Heavy Air to the table. It’s smooth like a smooth operator and indeed as friendly as only a opener of the communal experiment could be.

Than without further delay, we can hear and specifically enjoy the sounds of Travis Johnson himself! The track titled INT-r is severely technical, has this punk ass atmosphere of a true rocker while shimmering away in a raw digital code. It oddly made me think of tomahawks and leather jackets; the smoke of counterfeited cigarettes; the cool one among others!

Next friend that is available for your service is MicroScopic Wayne who continues the coolness factor with a track titled ‘Florida Man Wraps Entire Home in Tin Foil’. Headphones are recommended within the realm of this one as full stereo effects are used to tickle all the hearing abilities but not in a overloading way; more determent, with a collection of neat rhythmic sounds, sweet abstract noises, dusty cracks and here and there a snare kick.

Travis Johnson comes back with another reason to keep your headphones (if applicable) on! With his ‘D-rN’ we are treated with a delicate sound pastry of pretty glitches, all sounding so very friendly, kind and yet of course so beautifully eccentric. It made me think of the cozy combination of an old data modem and electric raindrops; but then of course it’s nothing like that at all!

Another good friend that is as good as a legendary legend in my eyes and ears, is the one and only prolific hero, deejay, producer, label owner, mad men of unstoppable trades ‘Sascha Müller’, he gets back into his techno suit with a very happy, friendly, minimal tune titled ‘Elm Pap Sack’. It feels as good for midnight drives as early mornings waking up with a breaking sunset! Very chilled out and groovy; making Sascha the friend that you simply always can count on!

Talking about trustworthy inspiring friends that stick around; Travis Johnson makes another appearance as only a good host could do! I don’t know if it is his conceptual idea behind this series of him and friends, but with all his tracks on this compilation he seems to adjust to his friends in a way of interaction. With the track titled ‘Hives’ he mixes the abstractness experimentation with that groovy sense of the minimal techno of his formerly heard friend. It’s calm, cool and enigmatic.

Another friend that you can’t miss out on is ‘mhzesent’, his enthusiastic appearance with ‘Take 1 No Edit Grit’ is always a gift. The beauty of this friend’s music making skills is that it seems to come from a bottomless pit of ideas and skills. This artist is so talented and far ahead in the future and in the past that you simply never know what you will get served –audio wise- but know that it is always damningly interesting! This time it’s unexplainable yet again, with techno influences, lo-fi high fi, a madness monster and a horse inside – audio collages that will leave your mind spinning and yet seems to come in such a calm matter; never ceases to amaze, this friend!

All the way at the end it is of course time to get into a sporadic instant party! After all that’s what friends do mostly when coming together! This time the soundtrack for it is Travis Johnson’s 0m iimu (EsentPie’s Frog-Licking Dub) which is … PERFECT! Enough reason to go for a dance, to wiggle the ass and to appreciate Travis and his friends & your very own existence! As without you; there would be no bonus friend that enjoys it all, you see? Get on board and enjoy!

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