Keywords: alternative bitchpunk electronic experimental punk vancouver electropunk lo-fi punk rock Montreal

This BITCHPUNK will make the speakers bounce, so much so that they might combust themselves into a burning fire. With the energetic acts of a flashy bass & the rolling kicks that this powerful producer laid out over here, she arms herself with plenty of strength to spit her strong words over. She sprays them out with a sound that is slick and killer-worthy, probably empowering entire dance floors with a packed and excited audience, a group of people that get swiped away with this terrific combo of bad ass style music.

Debbie Friday seems to shake it all up, grows the bewildering wildness of energy until she reaps the seeds of her electronic punk attitude. The results are a upsweeping effect for all her listeners, being thrown up in the air, bounced back and up again; enough to get the blood pumped up and sign a paper of life long fan-hood! Solid as a rock and empowering as if a secret voodoo spell had been splattered away behind the cold tough sounding electronics.

These beats and words are not only harsh, speedy and high making in the energy department; they are true silence killers. The big one ‘indulge me’ is the one that will throw all doubt that a new listener might have had, out of the window. With a desire of self indulgent she slaps your mouth closed and overrule the peace and quietness with an attitude that you can’t contain & yet feels freeingly contagious!

The one named ‘VOID’ with its tropical twist of added steel-drums is the ideal soundtrack for people that are out for revenge; with this playing in your ears when going to get into this act might have fatal consequences to whoever had screwed you over. And the tune titled MEDUSA seems to be the right one to celebrate the outcome, becoming a sexually charged destructor that might be a tune hotter than the flames in hell. I have never been in hell, (not that I could remember) but I presume that if this bitchpunk sound would ever reach that place, the devil will probably instantly pack its bags and move out for a retirement somewhere in the tropics.

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