Surrogate Sigma – The Monarc

Artist: Surrogate Sigma
Title: The Monarc
Keywords: post techno, Surrogate techno, lobit
Label: 20kbps

The summer has been banging at the door! Or wait? Might it actually be just this summer hit by Surrogate Sigma? Maybe a combination of both! They certainly are both bangers, banging on my head like a prolific poltergeist that has to keep on knocking whatever there is to knock on. But unlike poltergeist activities, this knocking is much more groovy, involves some happy slapping and a irresistible twirl of sick Lobit techno!

With its minimal needs it feels like it’s the perfect guest to get the feet active, the arms shaky and the bum wacky enough for more (hmm that sounds dodgy!) … but yes, what more could a person possibly wish for? A summer techno hit as manically manic as this one might even eliminate the urge to drink, smoke and spending all your money on ice creams.. although thanks to this summer hit being absolutely free of charge; you might as well combine it with all of these actions! Smoke, lick, dance, drink and give yourself a fancy sunburn! Now you have got the free soundtrack for it & I truly believe that it knocks in the summer vibes real good!

So yes, head bang yourself over to the legendary 20kbps netlabel and treat yourself real good:

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