MOBVIBE – The Nusixties Invasion Part 1

Title: The Nusixties Invasion Part 1
Keywords: 60s rock british invasion indie sixties vintage rock London

The groovy sixties, the jubilant seventies, the vibrant eighties, the swinging nineties and the cool – whatever it is that we are living now in… The MOBVIBE seems to have blended all of these decades of qualities into some kind of a all-in-one one-of-a-kind blend. It’s like listening to The Beach Boys if they had made love together in a time machine, speeding up like twenty century ghosts in outer space, launching the sound of the shaker into the new millennium, while also benefiting from the recording technologies of the nowadays.

These people from MOBVIBE must be true time travelers, taking the best from all these days, probably on the music drugs that had still been pure (not cut up with bathing salts & washing detergent!) ready to energize the so called modern world with crowd pleasers applicable to please people from all generations & possibly all layers of society: You and me (most importantly!) who are holding the heads up, ready to catch the spices of a happy sound…we will be both be very pleased to enjoy the fruitful fun that this EP will bring.

There is not a lot else I could say about MOBVIBE (mentioning that this is a four piece band that is based in London and what the names of the members of this band are – well, I might tell you all this another time…) but yes, the vibrant feel good music experience that this ‘nusixties invasion part 1’ delivers, should simply be enough to sell itself. Might be a good moment to use the modern technologies of today to let this release invade your very own ears.

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