Leon van Bokhorst – SAMI and I Live at Modulab Fake Noise

Artist: Leon van Bokhorst
Title: SAMI and I Live at Modulab Fake Noise
Keywords: eindhoven experimental ambient electroacoustic experimental electronic modulab eindhoven noise soundscapes Netherlands

I don’t really know why.. but I wanted to check this release out & write something about it. It’s a recording of a concert that I’ve missed out on, but thanks to the existence of recording techniques, could now still be heard at future dates.. like for example; right now?

This live performance is quite immense, at first filling up the environment with sound that is of a busy ambient atmosphere, something that feels like it is made to fit the minds of people that are hanging out in the nearest coffeeshop. In this case I mean a Dutch coffee shop, with people being stoned from a proper spliff. What these two artists have so lively cooked up over here, made me feel as if they had managed to become the sounds and voices within my own head, hijacking them to form a interesting environment in which news & those instant YouTube reports from conspiracy theorists becomes something more peaceful, something that becomes useful in a music way. These two turning all the annoying chatter into the new purpose of being a instrument!

After a section that seems to feature the hot topic of mensplaining, the experimental duo goes on to perform something that had been coming across as more minimal. Having a ‘uh’ repetitively floating away in there with additional sounds that will provoke a random ‘hey’, making the sound of technology into something cozy and trippy. Slowly they turn it into something loco, a thing that is crazy, but fairly enjoyable. Even though I’m just listening to the recording, I feel the bonding of the artists their friendship and compatibility over here.

The vagueness is being thrown out of the window while they break the boundaries by throwing up their togetherness with the adding of a drum, rhythm and some nice random sounds. With this collection they make the show more and more groovy… as if they had first touched the water, explored it carefully and now put their serious faces off for a session of funky fun. Saying no to more paranoid ingredients and yes to more dancing material felt (thanks to this being buildup) like a reason to let everything go and enjoy the party!

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