Dogbert – Soul Cleanin’

Artist: Dogbert
Title: Soul Cleanin’
Keywords: alternative cleveland experimental avant-pop indie lo-fi ohio outsider piano popular vocal Ohio

Dogbert (Devon Cardilino) had been cleaning his soul through music making. With the writing of lyrics he clearly gets everything of his chest, especially when putting it out through his mouth in vocal ways. He sounds so positive, not at all lonely or ready to jump of a suicide-bridge. He is above all very honest, trustworthy, performing songs that he is clearly close related with. He shows his passion and managed to team it up with a cheap Casio toy keyboard to make it sound so much like a intimate one-on-one therapy session.

My heart melted when he sang about the fact that everyone wanted to feel wanted, but in general the voice (and how he exposes his heart with it) was good enough to completely melt not only the heart, but probably the entire body around it. Hearing his love dedication to a Niki (with one K) was so lovely that only a paddling pool was left of me… yes, I was cold as a icecream before hearing this album, but thanks to these truthful songs I had been heated up to become a case of the purest stickiest liquid. Too bad for the song that this maverick sang about a sleigh ride – as how could any snow possibly withstand the simple non complexity that this open book of a artist brings? Rays of light, without any frivolous fanfare, no gigantic ego or masks: this is Dogbert, everybody knows him…

Or do they? Do I? He adds a little confusion when he adds some punch to the obvious fact that he has a soul. Probably implying that even though his honesty and passion in realness, there might also a big part that only the artist can feel, see and experience for itself. But his intentions and true to the point kind of style gets a full underlining as he hip-hops his way into explaining himself and his intentions of this pretty neat getting-to-know-Dogbert release.

It seems like his music is like the album’s front cover; what you see is what you get & if you don’t like it.. well, you got only yourself to blame for it (cause nobody forces you to listen to the phone recordings of this human singing (and rapping) while playing the Casio keys…) personally, I think Dogbert is one of the best lyricists out there (no poetic nonsense or exhaturations) telling it all as he feels that it is & in all frankness; he plays that toy pretty damn well! Respect!

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