Lounge Ryszards – Polish Jazz vol. 420

Artist: Lounge Ryszards
Title: Polish Jazz vol. 420
Keywords: black metal free jazz reggae Bustryk
Label: Szara Reneta

Is it music? Is it noise? Is it jazz? It’s at least different; is this the jazz music mutated through Polish culture? Whatever it is exactly, it is what it is; something special. I have no idea what had been going on, everything seems to do it’s own thing over there, as if their only strategic rule was that there aren’t any rules. Everything is possible, disorientating is beautiful and let’s get as much madness going on at the same time so confusion might be unavoidable.

Everything feels like a energetic ramshackle, as if actual musicians (the players of instruments) had taken lots of whatever-they-use-to-make-them-happy-and-screw-themselves-up and had come together on a mission to exploit their rush of the moment in the most fruitful lest way: the recording of this album. You can say a lot of things about the kind of music over here, that it creates order out of chaos or perhaps chaos out of order; but you can’t say that there is no energetic vibe going on. You can clearly hear that the people responsible for these tracks have been extremely into it, giving no time for rests, or low laying jet lag moments; this sounds all high on speed and up in the air!

That doesn’t mean that the musicians are running through the album like mad dogs, as when they take out a couple of moments in which they seem to take a step down from looking and being extremely busy; they growl, ramble and deliver something that to me could be considered as raw as a diamond, uncut and unpredictable; blowing your ears out with a airhorn just for the sake of artistic expression or perhaps as a case of musical sadism. But whatever; they seem to be excellent at reaping the seeds of confusion, giving plenty of reasons to scratch the top of your head and mumble something about the fact that it’s difficult material to pinhole. Is it music? Noise? Is the term Polish jazz simply be another word for performance art?

Whatever it is, the music seems to pop up these kind of questions, but besides all of that; it’s simply all fine to hear and explore the experiments that come up as surprised surprises somewhere along the way. The moments when voices seem to form some kind of outlandish warrior hum, or when instruments are being played in ways that they (probably) haven’t been designed for.. or simply the yells and the use of a air horn in there; it’s a pretty full on show with good intentions, interesting moments and at other times actually seem to go into the more commonly acceptable music realms. If that is what make you happy or something that triggers your interest, than you are certainly free to check it out at the following link:

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