[lyn] – Hug of the Jellyfish

Artist: [lyn]
Title: Hug of the Jellyfish
Keywords: electronic breakbeat electronica experimentation idm ost Paris

Once I swam in the ocean and a pretty looking jellyfish came to give me a hug. It was a juicy hug, making me feel as if I was a slug meeting up body-to-body-style with another slug. I remember how it made me feel all tinkling and happy inside. Never expected a hug of a jellyfish to be so pleasant; as they tend to have the tender reputation to be painful in a stinging way… but if it was indeed stinging. it was one that was just the right kind of sting. It made me remember that you sometimes cannot judge a book by its cover, or in this case the reputation of a jellyfish… why so negative? The hug of this jellyfish was simply wonderful and one of the more remaining things that happened with me when I was in the ocean.

The encounter took me to another realm, one of sea creatures telling children stories without talking. A place of mellow melodies and high tech looking lights of fishes and sea creatures that I’ve had never seen before. They swam and twirled around my ears on groovy flavors, inviting me to deep parties in which they got high and drunk on oxygen bubbles and sea anemones. But they also knew when it was time to sleep, offering safe places to chill and float around without even realizing that in a normal case breathing would be an impossible task; but thanks to the jellyfish hug I could go for hours on end without any airflow in my lungs! How amazing nature is, right?

My mind got treated with a beautiful choir of tiny sea horses, they made up for their size by delivering their voices on a vast bed of melodramatic music. Sea stars twinkled like ballerinas to compliment their musical efforts and I decided that this was the ideal moment to go on my knees and asked the jellyfish to marry me. The answer was non existent as the jellyfish didn’t seem to have a mouth to respond. The hugger just held my hand and took me to other surprising layers of the mysterious sea levels. One in which colorful lights shined through and golden fishes accompanied singing fishy tailed fairytale characters. We did some techno dancing on the side, flopping around after inhaling some precious seaweed…

I don’t know what to say, other than it all felt a bit like a dream, mixed with a bit of a fantasy vibe .. I expected hugging a jellyfish to be a problematic experience, but no it was something that was a polar opposite. Everything became like a dive into a wonderland.. not at all a first class ticket to the nearest emergency room in the closest hospital. If you are in need for a hug of a jellyfish too, please feel free to dive into the link and embrace those tentacles.. it’s going to be a good experience & surprisingly is leaving no marks at all.. if anything; maybe some question marks…

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