Samarobryn – The Light At The End

Artist: Samarobryn
Title: The Light At The End
Keywords: experimental, fieldrecordings, Perth
Label: Dog Park

So are you ready to go on vacation through audio ways? This brand new release by Samarobryn might be exactly what you needed;
It begins with a visit to “Truth and consequences” which starts all fuzzy, giving me the cozy feeling of being seated under a attic window that has been showered upon by a fair amount of raindrops. It’s so nice to sit inside and have that sound fall into the ears; giving a person the knowledge to be warm and dry & that other (lesser lucky ones) will get soaked outside in the rain. This feeling gets underlined with a piece of guitar playing that feels spontaneous as well as straightly fitting the chemistry of the rainy homeliness. It’s as if someone put you in bed, covers you with a warm duvet and gives you a lovely tasting tea and a biscuit on the side: pure self care!

Rising from the depths’ has the effect that made me personally think of a band named ‘the doors’ that had gone into the desert on a fair amount of hallucinations, roaming around the sandpit for self discovery and gaining new ideas. However; The backdrop of the music over here is absolutely no dry ground, but seems to consist of a nice wet brewing sound that a irresistible rhythm uses to flow over as if it’s paddling in the stream with a wooden Kano. It might be the place that is so nicely captured on the front cover that we are hearing here, wet and calm, with a nightly timing in which only magical music can be created. It’s no wonder that a sensibly played wicked psychedelic inducing guitar hooks up with the drum and howls at the moon through it’s intoxicating care of mellow melodies. After a little break it fills up the ears with a muscle grower of a rocker attitude that makes all challenges into things that are slightly easier to overcome: this music provides the power, the strength and the pulse to do any of the activities that you had needed to do but hadn’t had the puff for before.

With the dream is over we get treated with another fine case of pure coziness, with little fine drops of rain on either a window or a thin roof, maybe recorded safely from a dry tent or a warm heated inside of a car. The electric guitar is stroking and striking , coming across as a militant bulge of comforting power, strengthening the small place that the ears have found shelter in, recharging the bullets for in case any unwanted visitor might pop up; but instead of death and decay they will be shot at with pure musical notations! That will keep the enemies away!

The light at the end is the epicenter of this comforting release as created by Samarobryn; a work in which the guitar seemed to have gone on a break, leaving a severely interesting soundscape behind for not only the guitar, but also is the listeners to wonder around in. This one kept me seduced with it’s pretty details and full on ears rediscovery: for a moment I was there, in the scenery of the artwork.. dreaming away while enjoying the pretty view & feeling as much comfort as a person could possibly get from audio orientated soundscapes.

This wonderful album is available on cassette, marking a brand new direction of the legendary Dog Park label. But don’t be afraid; free download of the digital version is still very much a option; but if you like it, you really should treat yourself with a beautiful touchable copy! I’m telling you it’s like ‘Instant vacation’ through music…

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