Bitladen – Hard Shit

Artist: Bitladen
Title: Hard Shit
Keywords: 8-bit electronic bitpop clasiquelectronique electroacoustique Madrid

Apparently highly praised artist / producer Bitladen had come to the toilet at our YIKIS main office some months ago. We completely forgot about Bitladen being there, probably because of its polite nature not to scream for help or simply being quite alright over there. It might be that Bitladen simply only needs itself to be happily entertained and occupied. Even though no cries for help or attention could be heard from behind the toilet doors, we do have reporters coming out of the restroom saying that they took longer than normal as they had been listening (and enjoying) music over there.. I thought that they took their work to the toilet, as it’s a nice intimate place in which reviewing Shit is much more appropriate than at a desk in a unconditioned work place. But apparently they didn’t listened to their own works, they had indeed heard music coming out from one of the locked toilet cubicles; the music from Bitladen who had been hiding there for at least 3 months (perhaps even more..)

…was Bitladen on the run, a fugitive? Was it a case of the toilet door being locked or the environment simply the great source for inspiration of music making? Whatever it was, when unlocking the door with the security forces it was revealed that Bitladen wasn’t just one person! But Bitladen was a group of three illustrious people; Ezekiel Hurtado , Alberto Rojas & Elías Fraguas. How they have survived without leaving the shitter for many months is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries that ever had happened in our office building; did they survive on music making? Or did they have such massive constipation that they simply didn’t feel the hunger? Did they drank water from The toilet bowl? So much questions and yet no one of Bitladen seemed to be in a state of answering any of them..

The only answer was music, electronic music with sweet moments, hefty beats and a slight aroma from dubious hygiene had come out when the door was forced open. Hard Shit was written on the wall in there & till now that was the only possible hint or explanation of what had happened, what they had been through & most importantly; what they had produced!

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1 Response to Bitladen – Hard Shit

  1. Linda says:

    Since listening to recordings of actual pissing sounds, I’ve always been a bit scared at listening to “shit recordings” reviewed at this beautiful home of the best of the underground. But fear is there to overcome! said the brave.

    And yes, rewarding it was! It starts scary with the promise of this-may-become-some-terror-shit-noise, yet tumbling down really fast in all sorts of bends and bubbles and synths and sounds and tempos, flowing out in a super nice ooze. For all shit fearers: I’d recommend to give this a try!

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