198 – Anthology 1 (incomplete demo album)

Artist: 198
Title: Anthology 1 (incomplete demo album)
Keywords: experimental dark drone dub freak harsh noise lo-fi noise synth Massachusetts

Flip the switch: A name of a track on a incomplete demo album release that is not so identifiable. One that at first seems to have similarities of a small room in which a clock is ticking its time away, but soon makes that switch to evoke something extraordinary and let’s say ‘vibrantly outside the box material’. To me this cozy but square room burned its own walls, giving it a Matrix-like plot in which we break through our visual existence & nothing will be the same again as that it always had been before… I might got a little overly psychic over here with my description, but don’t blame me; blame a alcoholic loving father who popped over needing a drinking buddy friend – you know how it goes… brains melt, you drink more than needed and you won’t go to sleep. Oh and listening to music (especially the broader minded ones) are going for a entire new layer of experience. Do I make sense? Probably not so much, so let’s chat something about the next track before all gets too crazy over here..

Big money’ is another title of a track on this album. It’s short and a bit like a bit of air. That’s two times the word ‘bit’ in the same sentence; it could have been the word ‘butt’ but that wouldn’t make much sense. Let’s go on with the third track on this release… it’s also vague, making me feel not out of place from the surreal mood & fitting me in the already absurd realm that I was in before. It shimmers, has a rhythm and a flow of someone flowing around in a night gown. I don’t know what it is all about, but maybe not knowing is what it is about; nothing seems to be really touchable over here. That might be vague, but maybe it’s just the artist’s intention; creating a surreal untouchable space that refuses to be dressed in genres, tags or nailed down by music rules.

Heavy metal/ tina weymouth is the fourth track title that is presented here on this album. In the beginning it features a voice that is loud and sounding manic in a friendly way. It feels like a experimental take on industrial music but as soon as you think it’s ‘one of those’ more defined works that are easier to follow; the music becomes as weird and surrealistic as it can get. Mood wise I can only think of randomness and insanity. A beautiful mess & yet hygienic and clean & not at all messy. The voice becomes intimate, even poetic, the entire soundtrack makes me think to have seen the empty bottom of a bottle of absinthe; it’s disorientating and yet transforms to give me a rather lovely experience.

Milk + Honey is another track on this unexplainable album, sounding like a moment that made me think more of a tiny fragment of strolling through the woods on a nice day while kicking some fallen leaves and sticks with my toes… a action of a memory that is kinda sweet like milk and honey I guess… what is more concrete and lovable is the track titled ‘my sweet dog’, which seems so much more respectable towards human’s loyal best friend. I notice lots of love in there, capturing the music at its most concrete and stable, as if it is made for the dog’s own ears; a tribute that is ever so kind and full of love and care.

What’s it all about, nothing at all, that’s all. Or that’s at least what the last track on this collection seems to try to convince. It’s the most normal sounding song among the other recordings. Warm and homely, neatly covered in a grainy bedroom sound the artist sings kindly while jangling away on a supportive guitar. The backdrop of additional textures of sound is making it all more elevated; what a nice touchable ending for such a untouchable demo album!

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