Ghostskull – Zebra a tribute to Merzbow

Artist: Ghostskull
Title: Zebra a tribute to Merzbow
Keywords: experimental, harsh noise

Australia is extremely proud to have the likes of Ghostskull among their midst, a cultural representative that keeps itself so loud that it’s hard not to pay attention, be noticed or be looked away from. In fact this producer is a force to be reckoned with & when this star praises another one you must know that it is serious business. Merzbow must be over the moon, completely pleased and extremely thrilled by getting such a lovely hailing tribute from this mega artist from the land of rogue kangaroos and Aussie tracksuits.

I imagine Merzbow smile, his mouth wide open, exposing some teeth and staring excited at the artwork while being perforated by the sounds of this work called ‘Zebra’. I like to think of him holding his own hands and announcing his retirement from the prolific noise business; what higher thing can you achieve other than a tribute from Ghostskull?

…And it’s not just a tribute, it’s one that shreds away the left over musicality, inverts them with random beeps, bops, shredding noises, happy explosions, deep throat microphones and the exciting sounds of ears dying. If you had never understood the powers of noise, you might want to blast this zebra out loud and get it over with; by exposing so much sound to your ears you might be able to hear nothing for a very long time. Nice and quiet, with a prominent hiss to keep you companionship till the end of days. Maybe that’s what these fellows Merzbow and Ghostskull are about; being so loud and deafening that in the end they will provide you ambient music by disabling your ability to hear anything…

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