Toxic Chicken and Dino Felipe – Data Morgana

Artists: Toxic Chicken and Dino Felipe
Title: Data Morgana
Keywords: experimental, Perth
Label: Dog Park
Poetic words by: Linda Pinda

What you see is what you hear or don’t you hear what you see? Contemplating about the deeper questions in life, walking along the beach.
The wind plays with your hair, the waves tickle your feet.
Then a halt.
Distracted by a glimmery thing in the sand.

Bending forward, having a closer look.
Is it some rubbish, is it some fishing net?
A bag full of shells,
a 19th century bayonet?

Digging out the newfound treasure,
Definately no shells….
it turns out to be a bag
A bag full of someting else!

Opening the things one by one,
They release a world unknown to me
I hear the sparkles of everywhere
The sparkles of the sea!

Did you know sound travels faster
In water than in air?
It’s not the internet connecting
but the sea sharing sounds of care!

They care for my ears in the Americanas
In Australia and the Bahamas
In kingdoms and states that speak of being united
And in lands where they are frightened

The new found treasure takes fears and worries away
You just open your ears, jump up, dance, and say
I don’t care if I sea it, if it’s dare
Deer data won’t care!

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