Monkey Warhol – Beheader

Artist: Monkey Warhol
Title: Beheader
Keywords: electronic, 8 Kbps, lobit
Label: 8Ravens

Monkey Warhol is back from its adventures in bongo land and has embraced the lovable sound of dataloss again, a term I always like to coin as data-gain because that lovely sound of added dust just sounds better than all these freaks masturbating over the fuzzy sound of a vinyl record. It’s not a very cheap physical format & to be fair, compared to the compressed 8kbps MP3 sound its hardly sounding dusty enough! So yes, glad that Monkey Warhol has embraced this holy grail of prettiness & rocks it like a fitting shoe!

It all starts intimate with a track named ‘Beheader’ which sounds like the ultimate comfort zone. It’s all woozy and friendly as in a fine warm bubble bath of the 8kbps sound the legendary prolific Monkey Warhol sits with his guitar to perform a melodramatic coziness, something that feels as the most breakdown and humble performance born out of this producer’s busy hands. It’s as if the audio environment gives Monkey Warhol enough reason to put all his busy producer skills on the shelf and gets out his most human monkey form.

For the fans of the more produced world and style of Monkey Warhol he brings ‘hello’ which is a hello from the other side. It feels like a pop song that has existed for many years but never in this shape or form. He delivers it with a party vibration in which there is plenty of energy and fun to be felt, making me (and probably you?) bold a fist and sing along wildly in order to create a instant party. We might want to come together in real life and blast this come-together hit for a explosive good time, but even separated by oceans and Babylonian borders this music seem to unite everyone who loves to party the low fidelity way!

Monkey Warhol also brought its Iguana to the best netlabel around, at 8ravens it is having a good time, dancing around as if it owns the place. It shakes its tale, changes its color and sticks out its tongue while moving in silly ways; it’s good to have pets coming over, especially when Monkey Warhol provides them!

There is plenty of reason to party hard and go for some rock n roll punk with funky organ swipes to go all mental with. Monkey Warhol slams his electric guitar for a brilliant solo, sings his heart out that he wants to get out; he makes every bone in my body jump as if they wanted to go out of my skin; leash is the leased lashed on tune on this fine album, really upsweeping to provide anyone the right energy to step up and dance your way into freedom.

At the end Monkey Warhol provides the right vibe to refill the drinks, charging up the electric energy to get all up in arms for a final smashing party. Monkey Warhol calls this exciting moment in time ‘Reheader’ and I found it hot enough to leave the fireplace unused & have enough power to play this fine release all over again. First a little break with intimacy and than; straight back to Monkey Warhol party! Freeing music & free download:

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