Title: In The Sky
Keywords: experimental ambient drone industrial minimal noise Augsburg
Label: Attenuation circuit

This album begins like a alien activity that pretends to be a storm; you can hear the sky crackle, but also your own ears twitching to understand the unusual sound that had flown in. Suddenly the hairs within the receiver’s ears will just flap to make a rhythm, a minimal bit of funky rest occurs and the potential bad weather activities disappear quicker than they had popped up.

Apparently it’s than time to turn up the heath which seem to involve a upcoming brew of warmth mixed with underlying snippets of unidentified things. Its crispy sound sits like a slow beating heart in its pot; it’s alive and yet shimmers as if it won’t boil anytime soon. If this music was a soup it would be one to spoon up immediately!

The sky had broken open to let us have a clearer look at what had been going on so earlier on. It reveals that there are unexplainable things to see & hear. I would explain them if I could, or describe them.. but I’m just as flabbergasted as the average Jill and Joe. But what I can tell you that (either natural activities or not..) they all come across very friendly. If it is aliens; you won’t have to worry if you want to go out and have a coffee with them.

Time to check out the Damage Control, a nice mission as all the damage inflicted seem to be of the good kind. Some nice mice might have bitten through some electric cables, some aliens might have been dancing on the motherboard a bit to long; but in the end these things are easily overlooked or brushed aside; this is more a charming damage than a fatal one. Just twist some happy knobs, launch a missile of victory and say to the big boss that it’s all done.

Before we know it we have arrived at the Uneven Edges, one that seem like the environment a flat earth conspiracy theorist would feel at home in. The edges might be uneven, the surface itself seems to be clear, clean and making balancing moves that feels pretty to slip and slide over. Mind the edges though; nobody wants to fall off from this one.

To add some sugar to our experience we have to go on for the sugar pot. We can scrap out the bottom, add some liquids in there to make it dissolved so it goes into our bitter ears more easily; but either way it’s a moment of sweet tooth candidness. And so, just like that this album moves along, providing a bunch of voices that come from possible abducted (by aliens) humans, all sampled to form some kind of instrumentation in a scientific techno experiment.

Look at the time! Eight by two! Where did it go and how quick it moves along & funny enough it means also the end of this audio experience. We can hear wet kisses of hiss and noises upon our inner ear drums, some rescuers on a mission chatting away through the holes in our head & all I can say that this might all be vague and weird; I think it is pretty damn good!

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