Some love for The Screamers

I know, I know.. yes, I’m well aware about the huge amount of new music popping out every micro second of the day. Only a fair amount making our way into the reviewer’s request list or mailboxes where it is left to dust away until someone (possible me?) brushes it off with a dust pan and brush, making it clean just to give it some of the well deserved love and attention… I know that this list of music is growing like a incurable tumor, but isn’t it sometimes (very rarely) nice to give some attention to music that seem to have found a special place in my heart personally & use this space to share this passion with you?

I know, you probably don’t really care & most likely are one of these musicians that have send in their requests and keep on desperately checking this space, in the hope some crappy written review about it would make its way over here… but still, I think that when music is THAT good that you come back to it, over and over again, even though the people who made it had quit or passed away to the other side; I still think it is terribly nice to give this music on its own some love and attention over here.. as to be fair, it’s very rare (for me) to have something that gets played all the time.. music for daily use and abuse…

This is a case with the music of The Screamers. You probably heard it, seen the video clips, the performance art of the front man who (next to screaming) enjoyed to paint portraits… if not; please go along the strolls of the internet and get hooked, but don’t think this here will be the place to find information about the Screamers as I’m not a music journalist and do not care about facts, stuff a person could find on a Wikipedia or some book about the LA punk scene, but I seem to be one of these unhandy self imported twats that write what they feel and think as these feelings and thoughts are my kind of accurate facts: gosh, I really dig the sound and style of The Screamers. So there is that: the Screamers are perfect!

I was once totally unaware of the existence of the Screamers and most importantly their music, having grown up sheltered under a rock (not a hard rock-rock, but just a regular rock) but got informed about them through American electro artist who I believe was called Perspects, responsible for the hit ‘they keep dancing’ (see; I’m still throwing some interesting facts here!) ..

I met (I believe) Ian R.Clark (the man behind Perspects) while doing a gig with him somewhere (I also believe) in Amsterdam. (Things are always a bit blurry in my memory department..) I do remember being high from energy and having a long stick bread baguette to smash my own face in at the gig.. things broke off and a bit of bread had hit Ian quite roughly as it flew through the air.. I remember, because he had written a post about it which I was rather charmed and touched by.. the result was a email ping pong between the two of us with the idea of a project that never came.. probably because of my own lack of stability (read: completely unstable!) at that time… but he basically had the idea of forming a duo mixing electro with punk & a performance style in which he referred to Tomata du Plenty (the front man of the Screamers) as a example of attitude that he felt was needed to get this thing of the ground.

…so what happened? I did try (a bit) but thanks to the lack of a microphone, place to live and other rattling circumstances that makes recording and living difficult.. the project didn’t come off the ground; the contact between me and the producer faded to nothingness and here I am today; penning up this post that should have been about The Screamers, but have gone into some side twist in which I feel as I’m basically publicly thanking Ian Clark for introducing me to the Screamers… cause to be fair; from the first moment I saw and heard their sound, I was intrigued and amazingly hyped up through pure enthusiasm..

But unlike most moments of music admiration and favorite artists, albums that got a replay.. (they would fade away, making way for others over time..) the power of freshly discovering and hearing The Screamers stayed, stayed and stayed. For years now their music has been coming back to me, always spicing me up when I needed the energy, kicking me off the ground when down and still providing the same kind of excitement and power as they gave me upon my first discovery of them! To me hearing the Screamers is better than any coffee in the world, giving the muscle power to lift cars up with a single pinky up in the air, throwing out the fascists by just a stare! Cleaning up a messy room with The Screamers

As far as electro punk considered I fairly believe that The Screamers got everything right, they had been original and true to the bone. I’m not even aware if they had recorded any albums (probably not!) as they simply seem to have not been too bothered by it and every song seems to have that ultimate power of a live recording that is raw and full fire. Of course seeing Tomata du Plenty perform with his facial expressions and self aware poses is a feast for the theatrical eye, but just the music on its own has the power to fuel me up – ready to either explode or do some miracles!

From the energetic Vertigo about insanity, to the very popular 122 hours of fear’ song inspired by the real life hijacking of some airplane.. to the more lengthy expression like the one about Eva Brown (the girlfriend of the man with the funny little mustache..) and well, basically all of them.. they all start to play randomly in my head as if they are burned or perhaps tattooed on the inside of my skull; very handy in case of being around at places among people that don’t like good music. But oh gosh, how do I miss them.. I wish there was more powerful music like this, more realness, theatrical and meaningful in your face and good for the heart entertainment that quite possibly could make the daily caffeine intake unnecessary as the music of The Screamers is enough to get anyone going… or at least me: look at the amount of blabla I wrote as a example! But forget about the bla, just feel the love for this band.. and spin some music to spice up your life, alright?


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